▷ 14 Tips for Creating the Best Facebook Posts!

With the advent of digital technology, every company should be present on social media. These applications are useful for developing a personal relationship with potential clients. With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world. To differentiate yourself from the competition on this platform, it’s time to create effective posts, posts on Facebook…

Thanks to the hashtags (#), this tag that unites your posts around a single topic, users can easily find the information that interests them. These or recent hashtags are found on all social networks. In addition to increasing the visibility of your posts, this type of keyword is used to measure the click-through rate on your posts based on the type of hashtag used.

Hashtags are essential for multimedia, and allow content to be distributed quickly. Thus, the hashtag you used on Facebook can also be used on other media, such as YouTube, Instagram or Twitter for example. This technique is effective in identifying which social networks your audience is most active in.

To get more engagement use different types of hashtags, as using the same #s can penalize the Facebook algorithm. So, update your list regularly which should contain different hashtags of low, medium and high volume. And why not create your own hashtag? This will help you make your brand popular.

2. conveying feelings

Convey different emotions through your posts to arouse the interest of netizens. Whether the information scares you, makes you smile, laughs, shocks you, or makes you dream, the emotions conveyed play a major role in advertising your brand.

You can get your fans excited by making a fuss about a topic that has been controversial. High-quality videos and photos on original topics also help convey emotion through your posts.

Emotion helps the interaction between users, as it boosts the engagement of your posts and thus helps increase your sales. However, to avoid bad hype, always deal with topics related to your brand.

3. Make posts impressive and short

In the face of the amount of information being spread online, it is easy for Internet users to get distracted. To get their attention, your post should be clear and strong: write your message without going beyond 5 lines.

Bet on the quality of the information rather than the quantity so as not to scare your prospects. They need to understand the value and benefits of your services or products, and your brand goals. By setting the user’s reading time and directly getting to the point, you will be able to keep it on your page for a long time.

4. Get to know the latest trends

Find out the latest trends by following the news. Various tools, such as Topito, Trendhunter or Google Trends for example, make it possible to discover the most popular trends at the moment. When you address the most popular topics in your posts, you increase your chances of generating higher traffic.

In order to get the latest information, many Internet users like to connect to social networks to follow the latest hot topics. By updating yourself, you will be able to attract more potential customers.

Feel free to educate yourself on this topic. Take a look at this certifying course on Growing Your Business with Web Marketing which provides a module on Social Media Strategy.

5. Master the Facebook algorithm

In 2022, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm highlights user experience by analyzing the importance of your posts. If you meet the various criteria imposed by the Facebook algorithm, your posts will appear in the newsfeed of many users. To assess the relevance of your Facebook posts, the algorithm takes into account various elements, such as engagement, post length, mentions, predictions, interactions, video format, or photos for example.

6. Focus on quality

Too many posts can lead to user fatigue who can disable notifications on your recent posts. They can also unsubscribe from your pages because they won’t care about your brand anymore. Instead of posting every day, you can bet one or a few good posts per week, especially with the optimized writing of the Facebook algorithm.

7. Write relevant content

Select the most appropriate font and editorial language to highlight your services, products and brand. To engage your followers, all of your posts must relate to your industry.

However, about 30% of your posts should be about your services or products, while the rest of your posts contain “selfless” content. By doing this, subscribers will continue to interact with your brand and receive all your news.

8. Pay special attention to the picture

In addition to being interesting, the visual image should be attractive and of high added value. It is recommended to pay special attention to this element, because it is the first element that attracts the attention of the Internet user.

The visual can reflect your origins, knowledge or values. It can also highlight your branding, logo, or even provide a message describing your services and products.

On the Internet, you have the possibility to get free images thanks to tools, such as Pixelr or Canva. Also remember to consult free image banks such as Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, Fotolia, etc.

Choose an original photo, a funny situation, attractive colors, etc. In general, subscribers are attracted to original and quality visuals. They want to read more or learn more, and even share your posts. Since the content shared is featured quite a bit, with text on a blue or gray background and in small thumbnails, enter your status link and add an image in your posts so it’s more visible, especially on mobile.

9. Interact in the comments

To convert your prospects into customers and build customer loyalty, stay connected with your subscribers. Interact with them regularly, in the comments, and help them find solutions to their technical problems. Answer all their questions and explain in detail the different benefits of your offer. Thus, you will show them that you are available and that your company is close to their customers, while taking responsibility. However, adopt a sober tone in all your answers and avoid giving in to provocation.

10. Ask questions

When you are marketing services or products, you need to know your community in order to fully satisfy them. Show in your posts that you care by asking questions. You will then get the answers in the comments.

Before you ask your questions, research your community to find out more about it. You will be able to ask the right questions that you are sure to get answers to and thus generate interaction.

Depending on your community and content, the questions you ask in your posts could be:

  • puzzles.
  • incomplete judgment;
  • personal question
  • provocative question
  • Multiple choice question.

11. Engage followers

Bring consumers together around your brand, and the commonalities that draw them to your business page. To encourage them to buy your services or products, bet to participate in the ads by playing on sentiment. In particular, use high-quality videos or photos to attract your subscribers.

Using the AIDA method, interest, interest, desire, or action, you can capture the attention of a potential customer while encouraging them to carry out the action of purchasing your service or product.

12. Mention the pages

Use the name page when you’re talking about another page, a profile, or when you’re posting text from a magazine. The pages you mention might do the same when talking about your brand, and send you traffic. Thus, mentioning other pages makes it possible to open a cycle of usefulness for your company.

13. Choose the right times for posts

Since Internet users are not always online, you have to limit the hours during which they consult news on social networks. Choose these limited times to post your content to Facebook.

On Facebook you will find various tools to analyze your community. Then compare peak times, then choose the best one. If necessary, you can reset this slot.

On the Internet, it is possible to refer to the analyzes made to estimate the most favorable time for publication in your sector of activity. However, it is still a good idea to rely on your page stats and learn more about your audience.

14. Use a humorous tone

Highlight the human side of your work by adopting a light, sometimes humorous tone. Internet users especially appreciate humor, because it makes them feel comfortable and therefore they are ready to interact and exchange with you.

You can select some emojis to color some of your posts. Aside from emoticons, you also have the option to use memes to show that your company is dynamic and young.

The humor in your posts should align with your content, your company’s values, and your personality. However, humor is not welcome on sensitive topics. So use it in moderation so you don’t drown out the information.

Again, feel free to educate yourself on this topic. Take a look at this certifying course on Growing Your Business with Web Marketing that offers a module on Social Media Strategy.

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