▷ How to write a satanic newsletter?

Want to know the safest way to Get high quality traffic ? Without spending crazy amounts? Without killing yourself at work? Email Marketing. It is radical. It is still necessary for your emails to be opened and subscribers to click to learn more. want to learn Write a newsletter Who turns? Starting…

Why is sending a newsletter necessary?

Because people love it

Write a newsletter It allows you to reach a big goal and increase the number of potential customers.

See instead:

  • 90% of Internet users use email at least once a week, and 81% have subscribed to at least one newsletter (EMA Study – Email Marketing Attitude, 2017);
  • 94% of Internet users check their mailbox once a day (Syndicat National de la Communication Directe)
Write a newsletter

And if you are afraid to annoy your subscribers, know that email is the preferred channel for Internet users to interact with brands (52%) before social networks or apps.

Very good, right?

Because it costs nothing

Except for a little time.

Imagine how much money you would have to spend to reach thousands of potential customers through more “classic” marketing channels, paid search or Google Ads campaigns.

Your email list is there, warm and ready to listen to what you have to say, without having to blow your advertising budget.

To develop a unique relationship with a list of potential clients

Consider publishing your newsletter as a way to build a strong relationship with your subscribers. You spoil them, allow them to regularly inform them of the news of their sector of activity and deepen the topics of interest to them.

You keep them. You can convert more efficiently.

To increase your traffic

Anyone who has set up a newsletter knows this: the day of publication corresponds to a peak in traffic. Write a newsletter It allows you to boost your organic traffic as it attracts new readers and brings back a base of loyal readers to your site.

This is good for SEO.

Because newsletter is a powerful conversion tool

Write a newsletter It is good for your business.

76% of newsletter subscribers say they have already purchased a product or service online from a link included in the email.

75% say they go to a store to buy the products or services mentioned in the newsletter. (EMA Study – Email Marketing Attitude, 2017).

The power of the newsletter is further enhanced as you can easily analyze the behavior of your subscribers and offer them personalized offers.

Tips for writing a newsletter that converts

Strong title attack

The address is the only element that will make the subscriber open your email or not. It must arouse desire. Make you want to know more.

One bad title, and bam, that’s hundreds of thousands of missing readers. The euro is slipping into your hands.

All this is nice, but how can the title of “Oys” be converted into the title of “Wahoo”?

Play on feelings

the love. the fear. His Excellency. Sorrow. The surprise. fear.

A tabular study of 10 million titles (you’re starting to get a lot, right?) showed that the more a title conveyed, the more it was shared.

Here is a list of 233 magic words to use to help you write magnetic titles.

So instead of:

  • How do you prepare a good snack?

please enter:

  • How do you prepare a snack that makes your children go crazy for joy?

somewhere :

  • 15 Signs That Your Daughter’s Husband Wasn’t Made for Your Daughter

please enter:

  • 15 signs that your daughter-in-law is a threat to your daughter

Do you see the difference?

Declare color by numbers

for Write a newsletter With a good title, immediately provide a benefit to the reader.

In numbers, it’s better.

If your article lists 89 ways to get rid of cellulite, start your title with that number.

As for figuring out what numbers to use for your article titles, this graph from venngage should really help you.

Don’t take readers as fools

Gone are the early 2000s. Flashy titles with their bland content like hospital soup. Internet users are no longer fooled.

Emails titled “Win ​​€5000 per month without moving from your couch” or “How to become a millionaire in 3 days? They are not likely to be opened.

Keep it simple. Be Honest.

Don’t say “3 incredible secrets to get the body of your dreams in 15 days” but “3 effective tips to lose your extra pounds”.

why ?

Because by writing titles that are so promising, you risk disappointing your readers (let’s be serious, who has a recipe for a dream body in two weeks?).

Once, it can pass. Twice, I doubt it. Three times, you are no longer there.

Seduce with high quality content

Internet users receive dozens of emails per day. Ask for their attention only if it is worth it. Otherwise, your newsletter will end up in the trash.

Always remember this rule when Write a newsletter : It should be above all at the service of the reader.

You must have heard that old adage: “The money is in the list.”

Already. As long as you provide value to your subscribers. The more you do this, the more trust you will build with them. The more likely they are to buy from you.

Give your readers pleasure, in an original tone, a pleasant anecdote. Even if they don’t buy anything from you, they will still remember reading your emails as a good time.

If you want to write first-class content, download my free guide “7 Tips for Writing for Irresistible Articles”.

You can’t afford to subscribe to your channel

Nothing is worse than a newsletter full of information and calls to action (“Click here”, “Share this”, “Buy this”, “Follow me there”).


Indicate yourself with a short text and CTA (Call to Action) by email.

Think of your newsletter as a joke. If your subscriber wants to watch the rest of the movie, they will have to visit your site.

Serve more than you sell

If the majority, if not all, of your emails are aimed at selling your products, then let me tell you that you’ll be taking the service street.

You can’t blame your subscribers for not opening your emails or worse, for unsubscribing.

So try to make more than just a request (free e-book, checklists, short video bonus, etc.). You should see a clear difference in your stats.

Talk to your subscriber as a friend

Forget about cool corporate-style content that makes you want an accounting encyclopedia as often as you like.

Use your newsletter to start a conversation with the reader. Tell him about your successes, failures, fears and dreams.

Advice for Write a newsletter Which sounds like a nice moment over a cup of coffee: record yourself first orally, without taking the initiative. Rewrite your script, and paraphrase it quickly. then press

Show how helpful your newsletter is

Ask yourself what is the benefit to your newsletter readers
can withdraw. Show them.

Never forget that people don’t care that it took you 1 month to write your 17€ eBook. What matters to them is understanding how it will change their lives.

tell a story

The stories are fun.

Grab your readers’ attention by curating your presentation.

What kind of story should you tell?

Be creative.

Think back to your beginnings. Tell how you got there, tag your customers, etc.

No matter what you say, always stick to these basic storytelling principles:

  • know your audience;
  • Be Honest;
  • Connect with your prospects by helping them recognize feelings;
  • Engage your audience first, talk about your product later;
  • Be brief, concise and direct.

According to several studies, storytelling boosts conversions:

Install a sense of urgency

tick. tick. tick.

Let subscribers know that your offer is limited in time. A subscriber who knows they have plenty of time to purchase your product is more likely to procrastinate (and forget you!).

Take care of planning

The average attention span of a web user is less than the average attention span of a web user.


It’s not me saying that, but very serious studies.

What are the basic rules in writing the web to deal with this annoying phenomenon? Prioritize:

  • short paragraphs
  • structured content (headings and subheadings);
  • visuals (but not too much);
  • line 14 or 15;
  • Words/phrases in bold.

Personalize your shipment

Always with the idea of ​​creating a link, personalize your newsletter with the first name of your subscriber.

A study by the Aberdeen Group also showed that personalizing emails increases click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%:

Admit that the phrase “Hello Mathieu” is more attractive than “Hello Mr. Duschenes.”

Don’t underestimate the power of PS

A copywriting trick like thunder and explains why so many of us look at the footer before we finish reading the email.

The appendix is ​​this small text placed directly under the signature. It allows you to capture the reader’s attention, emphasize a point, invite readers to interact, and add the little thing that will make the difference, such as a previous client’s testimonial, reader comment, etc.

Think about it when you write your next newsletter.

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