LEGO says it will never use diversity as ‘symbolic’

The LEGO Group says it will never use inclusivity or diversity as “symbolic,” saying that the LEGO Friends characters and their new features will “be combined into meaningful stories.”

Next year, the LEGO Friends set will introduce a whole new generation of characters, as well as an even more diverse mix of skin tones, physical and invisible disabilities, and neurological diversity. The goal is to make the topic more “representative of today’s society,” says Tracey Chiarella, LEGO Friends product manager, based on research including the LEGO Group’s Play Well Study 2022 — which found that three out of four children think there aren’t enough toys to represent them.

The visible and invisible personality traits and disabilities found in the new set of LEGO Friends sets include anxiety, vitiligo, Down syndrome, limb bands and more, all of which will be communicated through the broader world of friends more than physical products.

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