LEGO Friends wants to “break gender stereotypes” in 2023

The next generation of LEGO Friends sets will also launch an entirely new visual identity for the theme, which the LEGO Group says is aimed at “breaking gender stereotypes.”

Originally designed to target girls first, LEGO Friends launched in 2012 with a unified brand across its broader collections and media. Presumably in keeping with basic demographics (at least in the eyes of the LEGO Group), the visual identity of the mini-doll theme was initially fixed in varying shades of hot pink. Over time, he has moved to a less intense purple as the default choice for his boxes, which are visible across most of the current lineup.

When the new generation of characters arrive in January, they’ll do so with a larger visual overhaul for Friends, which includes a new logo and new colors for its packaging. Purple is still in the mix, but is now secondary to teal – the theme’s new primary color – while the logo also includes blue, green, pink and orange. According to the LEGO Group, the goal is to make the topic more comprehensive.

“We really want to give a modern look and feel to the entire universe,” says Costas Sermos, LEGO Friends Marketing Director. “When we look at it again, it’s like, how can we break gender stereotypes and create something inclusive and open to everyone, for kids and boys? So we changed the logo to be something more creative – you can see the different colors in the letters, which represent the multidimensional characters in the colorful universe The creative we bring to life.

This goal also speaks to the broader redesign of the Friends theme, which was prompted by requests from kids for better representation across the LEGO portfolio. The new main set of mini-dolls consists of five girls and three boys, which expands the scope of the topic (and thus opens it up to a wider audience, which we are sure will fit perfectly on the LEGO Beans Collection counters).

In addition to updated colors and a new logo, the new boxes also feature realistic backgrounds for the first time and are peppered with something the LEGO set calls “doodles,” apparently intended to add energy and emotion to the packaging.

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