Rookies, Delay Mag, Avisa Case…

In the midst of the hiring phase, the team grows

In recent weeks, the pace of the news has slowed. Indeed, the editorial staff is in the midst of a recruitment drive. We received a large number of requests.

It took a long time to sort the candidates, as the profiles were very different. Once pre-selected and after several exchanges, we offer our applicants the opportunity to write some paid freelance work to assess their level.

Martin Clavey, who has been writing for our newspaper for the past two years, started a permanent job as a journalist two weeks ago. Another journalist on a permanent contract will soon join the team. At the same time, new freelancers have already introduced or will be sending their content to us in the coming days. Alexandre Lacan followed suit, then Alexandre Poirot, Mathilde Salio or even Roman Hillard.

We thank all our readers for their patience. The news will accelerate over the weeks.

The magazine is underway and overdue

This isn’t the first time our magazine has fallen behind. He should have written this summer, but my internal interrogations did not allow our journalists to run the magazine this summer. As I explain in this post, summer was an opportunity to put it all together again and explain my choices over the past 22 years. Moreover, Mark’s departure obliges us to write new articles.

We will keep you informed of developments. Thanks again for your patience.

Neighboring rights soon

We have entered into an agreement with Google regarding related rights. The file has been validated. For other services responsible for neighboring rights, we have signed a contract with the collective management body, Société des Droits Voisins de la Presse (DVP). Our file has also been validated.

This future cash flow will allow us to invest in additional content.

Advertising development and affiliation termination

I’m in full development of editorial ads, and I sometimes rename them to ad information.

Advertising information written by a journalist outside the editorial staff, is in a way a rental of our columns, trying to provide information in this type of content, rather than stupid and obnoxious marketing. The goal is for our readers to be as interested in this content as the content about Flora. Few of the advertisers I’m talking to currently are interested in this advertising concept.

If you are also interested in advertising information, you can contact us at this address.

Starting today, affiliate links will no longer be included in Next INpact’s editorial content. This type of link brings insufficient income and therefore no longer has any benefit.

Avisa Partners vs. Next INpact

Avisa Partners has taken legal action for defamation against our online newspaper, as well as against the newspapers Reflets, Stop on Images and Mediapart, for not wanting to give in to blackmail.

This is not the case for Le Miroir du Nord, which chose to delete its article, following the official notice from Avisa Partners.

We will be defended by a lawyer, an old reader of our newspaper. Our articles are not intended to be deleted at the request of a third party company, especially when the article respects the July 29, 1881 Law on Freedom of the Press. We will defend our newspaper and press freedom.

Next increase and indelible support

As I announced in my previous post, a 60% increase in our rates will take effect when it comes to the amount of content. Hopefully very soon.

We are in the process of rebuilding ourselves, while striving to respond as closely as possible to the requirements of our readers, and I to those of our journalists.

All this would not have been possible without you. Thank you so much. Your support is essential, and for many years has allowed us to continue informing you. I would also like to thank the donors who will appreciate themselves.

You can increase your next subscription price level, or support us with tax-deductible donations from individuals and sponsorships.

Until December 31, 2022, you can take advantage of a 30% tax credit on your first one-year subscription, subject to income.

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