I was a waitress and now earning £80,000 a month at the age of 23 – it’s very simple anyone can do

A former waitress has revealed how she quit her boring job and is now earning £80,000 a month at the age of 23.

Afnan Khalifa has traded bus tables for business deals for a six-figure salary – and says it’s too easy for anyone to do.

Afnan Khalifa quit his job as a boring waitress and now gets paid six figuresCredit: Instagram
The 23-year-old says she can’t shop at Zara – but now she can afford whatever she wantsCredit: Instagram

Saudi-born TikToker now describes itself as “Kim K of Network Marketing” after making a drastic change of profession.

She had held two jobs after moving to Canada to study in college, but she was not drawn to the restaurant industry’s prospects.

The 23-year-old said she was tired of “always running” in addition to studying, while continuing to live from paycheck to paycheck.

So Afnan decided to drop out of college and follow a different path for his future in November 2019.

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I started venturing into investing and affiliate marketing after enrolling in a financial education course.

But she was able to learn on the job – by immersing himself in the world of forex, stocks and cryptocurrency – while piling cash.

The marketing prodigy, who earns £80,000 a month, says leaving the waitress ‘changed’ her life.

I really told: “A couple of years ago I would literally go to Zara and look at the price, and I hope I can afford it.

“I always thought buying something that cost $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, was too expensive — that’s all we do now.

“My life has not always been like this at all. I do not come from a wealthy background.”

Since then, Afnan has dressed up her looks in line with her history of poverty to affluence, and bought herself a wardrobe designed to match.

She often posts on Instagram showing off her shopping and the luxury things she bought with her big salary.

The 23-year-old previously told her followers on TikTok how she got into investing and affiliate marketing.

She explained, “I knew nothing about investing, trading, marketing, nothing, and I had no experience.

“So I joined this company that teaches financial education and owns all the markets – forex, stocks, cryptocurrency – you name it, you will find it there.

“When I joined the company, I was astonished by the number of young people who were successful in this field – six figures, seven figures, eight people.

“You can make money while you learn. Six months later I’ve made six numbers, and ten months later I’ve made several numbers.

“I couldn’t have been more grateful for the opportunity I took and the risks I took because it was truly life-changing.”

For those who want a break from the boring 9-5, Afnan shared some words of wisdom.

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She said, “My advice: start CRYPTO trading and Affiliate Marketing. Don’t follow the rule! Go get rich kid.

“My advice to you – find fire, be tolerant, be dedicated, be consistent and see how your life will change.”

She regularly shares glamorous photos of her lavish lifestyle on social media
She regularly shares glamorous photos of her lavish lifestyle on social mediaCredit: Instagram
The Saudi national moved to Canada to attend university before changing her life in 2019
The Saudi national moved to Canada to attend university before changing her life in 2019Credit: Really
Afnan describes himself as
Afnan describes herself as “Kim Kardashian for Network Marketing”Credit: Instagram

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