Becoming a Growth Hacker: Marketing Skills Necessary

Growth hacking is widely used in startups, and it consists in finding marketing actions that will contribute to the rapid growth of the company. Here are the skills required to succeed in this field.

What is the growth of hacking marketing?

The growth marketing where growth marketing Uses a data-driven approach to design new growth strategies and metrics that scale more efficiently. Borrows a concept from methodology Start learning. This assumes that the marketer does not know the ideal strategy, and the only way to establish it is to test it.

To be specialized in growth marketingIn order to gain strength, it is necessary to follow the MBA program in Digital Marketing Data analysis skills And the test. So if you are aspiring to be a growth marketer, then in this article we have prepared for you a list of the essential skills that you must claim for this title.

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Becoming a Growth Hacker: Essential Skills in Marketing Growth

We can’t cover all skills, so you’ll need a file growth marketer. But what you need to keep in mind is that professionals need to be versatile to fuel the cycle of growth and improvement, draw from a wide range of trusted skills that they can use on a daily basis and put them into practice. value in their resume.

If you are interested in working in growth marketingUnderstand the skills needed to successfully implement Growth Hacking techniques aligned with your company’s strategy.

digital advertising

A growth hacker should be able to test Many acquisition strategies And publicity is inevitable. Whether it’s with classic exposure, affiliation, paid search marketing (Google Ads) or on social networks with social ads (Facebook, Linkedin Ads, instagram, TikTok Ads, etc.), a growth hacker needs to be curious and stay informed permanent Opportunities offered by online advertising.

Its goal would be to first test as many things as possible, to analyze the results, and then invest more budget on what brings the greatest return on investment.

growth marketing

Natural References (SEO)

Understanding the challenges of natural references is also an important skill to possess for a successful growth marketing strategy. However, unlike advertising, this lever must be taken into account Background task because SEO is a long-term strategy Which does not give immediate results. So it will be necessary to consider activating other levers with a shorter life cycle in order for the SEO effects to begin to grow.

agile technology

Without necessarily being a developer, a growing hacker must understand technical issues because they will be directed to them Working with developers in order to implement its recommendations. But above all, it has to be smart and find quick solutions to test things out without waiting. So he should be comfortable with it Tools without code To quickly test your ideas and see if they are worth the investment. The goal is always to find solutions that allow things to get out of the way without delay.

Prepare A/BS. Tests

The dad. Tests It is popular among startups because it is simple and effective. Many tools such as optimally And VWO makes getting started easier.

Basic stats make it easier to understand all other data-driven growth activities, such as A/B . test and product analysisFor more effective results. Having access to real-time data across your organization is great, but sometimes it pays to be able to perform manual manipulations.

data analysis (Data Analytics)

Gathering insights from data, analyzing it, and using them is at the heart of what businesses do. growth marketers. So Analytics It is a vital skill that every Product Growth Manager needs. Use analytics to assess retention, engagement, activation, etc. It will help you identify exactly the parts of your current journey that satisfy or annoy customers.

Understanding business intelligence will drive the process Strategy creation as a specialist in growth marketing. The goal is to determine what customers think about the digital experience so you can steer your business in a more appropriate direction.

growth hacker

Continuous improvement

After original creation and brand new development Marketing strategyThe most detailed improvement stage comes where your improvement skills come into play. Growth marketers must be able to manage it Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Improve conversion rate (CRO) and Optimizing marketing campaigns. Critical improvement skills: a specialized in growth marketing You must be able to simplify each episode of marketing growth to achieve increasingly effective results.

social capabilities

The growth marketers They work on all kinds of details behind the scenes, but they also need strong interpersonal skills to really succeed in their role. After all, a big part of growth marketing is understanding customer needs and wants. The ability to communicate Understanding others is essential.

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