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Influencer marketing is increasingly used to highlight a brand or company for its products and services. Indeed, the link that influencers have with their community is a distinct channel of communication, because it uses the word of mouth principle.

New career: The influencer also finds himself on the Twitch platform where he develops a special relationship with him.

Live interaction that strengthens the community bond

Twitch is a platform where streamers interact via chat with their community. Life is almost daily meetings where we find habits, a means of entertainment that has largely evolved with the pandemic and the restrictions associated with covid-19. In fact, Twitch has seen a large number of users explode, and the platform has made it possible to maintain a social link for many.

The interaction that is the power of live broadcasting is the live interaction, the live that brings real addition in the relationship with the community. The spontaneity of the moment actually allows for more authenticity and makes the broadcast more realistic.

Thus, the neighborhood gives more legitimacy to those interested in broadcasting, because a large part of its community considers it a relative, relative or friend. This relationship is conducive to word of mouth.

Loyal community with high participation rate

Engagement rate is widely used in marketing especially in influencer marketing. Paying attention to the participation and actions of the influencer in his community makes it possible to measure and know whether the participation rate is high or not. It is calculated differently between different media, but maintains the same principle: community action (visible/like…). Not a high metric, it’s usually between 0 and 1%, the larger the audience, the harder it is to get a high engagement rate. Regardless of the networks, micro influencers have much higher engagement rates.

However, the participation rate changes depending on the networks. Some networks have high participation rates. For example, Instagram (the most used platform for influencer marketing with an engagement rate of around 5%).

For Twitch, the engagement rate can be expected at 20%.

This high broadcast participation rate can be explained by 3 particularly important parameters:

  • Proximity between the streamer and his community: the link linked thanks to the authenticity of the live broadcast results in a real connection enhanced by the chat;
  • Affinity link between community members: Chat also allows direct exchange with members of this community, woven links are strong and give new reasons to come back to each stream;
  • The idea of ​​setting daily appointments: Coming back almost every day at specific times makes the appointment regular and thus promotes commitment.

Strong return on investment from the flow if we respect the values ​​and codes

Twitch privacy leads to a high rate of community engagement with streamers. This engagement rate and the fact that live streaming makes influencers on the platform more realistic and legitimate makes it possible to get a high conversion rate for brands that embark on a live partnership.

However, you have to find the right streaming device to represent your brand, product or service. The partnership must be win-win for both parties, the brand and the community in order to be most effective.

It is clear that unleashing the imagination of the Creator is necessary, because a person is better to talk to his community. The community is very committed and can be hesitant if we don’t respect the way the platform works and the way it is built.

to conclude

Twitch influencer marketing is a good way to increase awareness of your brand, products or services with a high rate of community engagement and therefore a good return on investment.

You have to choose an influencer who loves what you stand for, because influencer marketing is above all a very human thing, we necessarily better advocate for something we love.

To find a broadcast device that suits you and contact them in the best possible way, you can take the lead or contact specialized agencies that will save you time and energy and will be able to guide you towards this new way of communication.

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Chabrier Jeremy, founder of Madi Stream agency that specializes in influencer marketing for Streamer, connects your company with the right influencer and their community that aligns with your goal.

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