How do you choose your retirement coach?

The complete balance sheet with liquidation of your expensive pension: count in total between 4,000 and 6,000 euros. However, you can choose the balance sheet without liquidation or vice versa. Company fees to support the liquidation are deductible from your taxable income. In addition, some companies cover all or part of the bill or provide assistance from a company they have partnered with. Check with your HR.

Variable prices according to services and offices

All companies offer at least one retirement assessment assignment and one liquidation service. Some offer intermediate formats for privacy, others only charge the rates shown depending on the complexity of your profile, but can give you a range of prices. We interviewed 4 companies, and here is our guide.

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France retirement

“We prefer contacting an expert to provide appropriate support to the person according to their problems and challenges,” said Severin Dominic, Director of Marketing and Communications. Prices vary according to the needs identified initially.

simple maintenance With an expert: 420 € tax included

retirement report: A quantitative study of rights, comparing different paths at the end of the profession … accompanied by an interview with an expert. 2400 € tax included

all-inclusive package: Full support including retirement assistance. 6000 euros including value added tax.

a novel

Here, there is no fixed schedule: for the balance sheet for liquidation, the fee will depend on the level of complexity of the task, the number of plans in France and abroad.

retirement budget Reshape and verify the rights acquired in France and abroad, future expectations according to the different scenarios developed with the client at the beginning of the assignment, and study options that might make sense (long career, voluntary affiliation of expatriates, purchase of homes …) for the particular case of the client. A report of about 20/25 pages was submitted at the end of the study. An interview with an expert to answer any questions the client may have about their studies. expenses: Between 3360€ including tax and 4560€ including tax.

Pension Adjustment: Take charge of all the procedures and verifications associated with the payment of the pensions of the insured person in France, in France and abroad. Depending on the country of residence and the number of plans to liquidate, the liquidation process takes place over a period of 12 months to 2 years. expenses: From 4,560 EUR including tax to 6000 EUR including tax *.

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Sabindu Resort

“Thanks to our investments in digital, we are achieving increased productivity, allowing us to offer reasonable prices, which can interest employee customers, even non-executives,” confirms Valerie Patini, President of Sapiendo Retraite.

Balance sheet retirement in independence without an expert. Saving the digital tool Sapiendo Retraite: downloading the job statement on the tool, which converts it into data, projections of the amount of retirement at different ages, full or incomplete rate, Agirc-Arrco bonus-malus .. .. .. 300 euros including tax. Refunded if they subscribe to the next offer.

Retirement report with digital tool plus 1 hour of experience: Checking the job statement, uncovering possible improvements (leaving early and/or earning more), and examining several retirement scenarios. 600 euros including tax.

Excellent Balance Sheet: Job statement analysis by an expert in detecting errors, calculating career-end improvements. Several phone appointments with the expert. 1,440 € including tax..

Custom Rating: custom accounts. Identify opportunities. Improving the end of the profession. Sapiendo takes care of everything, from gathering information about your job statement to resolving omissions/errors to having your file followed up by a dedicated expert with advice. Propose modified scenarios, with highly personal hypotheses. starting from

2100 euros including value added tax.

Assistance in the administrative organization of retirement. After the first appointment, help compile the file. And access to the Sapiendo hotline throughout the process. 990 € tax included.

Administrative management of retirement: Sapiendo takes care of everything, by mandate. Support for your file until the payment of your pension. starting from 2880 € including tax..

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Retirement Optima

retirement report: 3 parts: checking, calculating, improving. A study of your rights and means of improving your retirement, taking into account personal capitalization pension contracts, is followed by an individual interview for accompanying reading. Chance to get additional answers. At the end, you are presented with a roadmap. €4,680 including tax

Filter help: Beyond the administrative management of your retirement application, an advisory mission to verify the most appropriate date of departure, all plans combined, including capitalization contracts, checking accounts made by pension funds, and advising on possibilities for optimal combination employment and retirement. 5760 € tax included*

* Deduction from taxable income.

Alphonse, original companion model

With its 100% online offer, Alphonse offers retirement support in an original form, which sets it apart in this sector. Besides the course to help you prepare for your future life as a retiree (called Course 2), has built a retirement assessment offer (called Course 1), also accessible from the age of 55.

“Our role, with our retirement experts and coaches, is to help you make the right decisions according to your plans. We provide support. It is not about filing your retirement application on your behalf, but to give you the elements of understanding the ability to do it on your own,” explains Barthelemy Gaz, Co-Founder.

on me 4 week coursestarting with your career statement and ending with a roadmap, which tells you what your rights are according to age, and what they are Detecting anomalies, sending letters to pension funds to correct them.During these four weeks, you have 2 appointments with coaches To help you identify your projects, select the correct departure date according to these projects, and analyze the rest of your life once you retire… An online space is open to you too, with modules that unlock over time. Time: on the retirement progress for the accumulation of pension employment … Another peculiarity: Accredited training organization, Alphonse can be accessed with your personal training credits. 1600€ of the costs for this course are 100% funded by your CPF! It falls under the category of occupational assessments, which can be accessed by employees, the self-employed and job seekers… Only civil servants cannot access them. Before proceeding with this course, to obtain the first level of diagnosis, You can do a free online check in 3 minutes.

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