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“It is not the body that is important, it is the inner beauty.” This is the kind of nonsense your communications and marketing professional will never tell you. Because the first impression is always crucial to what happens next. As for the email marketing strategy, the same is the same: the first impression is given by the email address, so you can also pay attention to the famous phrase …

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An email address makes the difference!

If you are reading this article, it means that a few seconds ago, something made you want to read it. Image ? Not sure. Conclusion ? Can. the address ? Absolutely.

I’m not saying the title is good or even original, but it sure made you want to know more about what was hidden behind it. Maybe it really interests you, because you are preparing an email campaign? Maybe it piqued your interest, because you’re wondering how to get people to open an email? Maybe it really shocked you because the bulk email strategy was dead and buried for you? (Which is totally wrong by the way, because email marketing is still very effective.)

Anyway, the address, it works, and for sending mass emails, more! Do not forget, The title is not intended to sell anythingbut just to ensure the email is opened and read perfectly.

Force open email topics

To help you find the key phrase for your email, here are several examples. Feel free to choose from several categories, to adapt them to your themes, but also to make blends. The point is to encourage the reader to open the email without disappointing them when they read it (so no misleading ads for example!).

Simple, direct, and straightforward email subject matter

Which is first-class clear and without fuss. Perfect if you want to go in depth And you want to make sure the reader knows what it is right away.

1 – Webinar at _______ this Thursday at 7 pm.
2 – Promotion on _______
3 – Release my new _______
4 – Another test _______
5- Join us at the show… / at the party… / at the conference…

Necessary email subject

One engages the reader directly and gives it to him direct order and frank.

6 – Plan / Prepare ______ Now! (Your retirement, Christmas dinner, real estate purchase, your marketing strategy…)
7 – Find your _______ today (your soul mate, your perfect vacation destination, your perfect evening outfit…)
8 – Don’t be fooled by _______ anymore
9 – Look no further…

Humorous or wacky email subject

The one who intrigues, who makes you laugh or smile, and at the same time gives you a tone quirky and conniving. But be careful not to lose those who don’t understand your humor…

10 Touch, move, pinch: Galaxy Tab review #
11 – Do you still see the pink elephant? # Ways to treat a hangover
12 – Tired of Aunt Huggett’s comments on your posts? (to enhance training on privacy settings on Facebook for example)

Pessimistic email subject

Who can panicwhich leads to a rejection reaction and makes you want to read more because you don’t want that to happen.

13 – How to make sure you don’t miss _______!
14 – # Ways to never achieve your dreams
15 – Why You’ll Never Succeed At _______
16 – # Reasons why your ______ is a bitter failure

Controversial email topic

that react Once you read it, it makes you either strongly agree or strongly disagree.

17 – Facebook RIP. How will 2016 be the end of an era?
18 – You are being deceived by _______! react!
19 – _______ Lies to You!
20 – Why are diets useless?
21 – How _______ make money off your back?

Email subject browsing news

Who is he rooted in the news, which leads to the regression of current topics to benefit from. Be careful, however, not to make fun of a topic that is too heavy or too dangerous (accident, attack, etc.): some have lost their reputations!

22 Disappointed by the elimination of the blues? Take advantage of our promotion at _______!
23 – Let the snow fall. He left for Cuba.
24 – The Netherlands’ popularity rating is at its lowest. where are you?

Email subject in one word/phrase

the most person simplistic It is often the most effective, because it tickles, challenges and asks a lot of questions. Try it, you will see!

25 – Invitation
26 – Outrageous! (For a petition…or a great promotion)
27 – Save Who Can!
28 – Eat Me (popular phrase on a cake in Alice in Wonderland)

Encrypted email subject

One that includes a list, a finite number of solutions to a question. It is effective because our eyes Attracted to numbers When they are in the middle of a page full of words.

29 – # A way to increase your popularity on social networks
30 – # Reasons not to celebrate Halloween
31 – #keys to a good marketing strategy
32- Worst #_______ in the world
33 – #Dresses will be the most elegant on December 31

Urgent email subject

The one who just went create urgencylack or need of the reader, in a few words!

34 – My eBook at €4.99 for 48 hours only!
35 – The special sale ends today!
36 – Do you have your _______ for this summer?
37 This is your last chance!
38 – Change _______ before it’s too late
39 – Find out this basic training for _______

Email subject questioning

that ask a question This means that you will give the answer by just clicking!

40 – Do you know how to make money with _______?
41 – Do you think you are ready for _______?
42 – Do you want to be the best at _______?
43 – Do you know this technique for _______?

Problematic email subject

Whoever asks is not just a question but an honest one problemeven if it means giving an impression of the seriousness of the situation, which means we’ll get answers after you click.

44 – Are you having trouble finding new clients?
45 – How not to waste your time with _______ again?
46 – Is Your Security Really Guaranteed?
47 – How do you avoid _______?

Mysterious email subject

The one who doesn’t say much, but just enough to Curiosity sting the reader.
48 – # Well Kept Secrets of _______
49 – will end on July 31…
50 – Surprising Techniques for _______
51 – We Thought It Was Impossible, But…

Between creativity and tradition

In conclusion, I can tell you to be as creative and creative as possible so that it stands out from all the emails we get bombarded daily. Authenticity often pays off because cracking codes will put you in the spotlight. However, in the case of the email subject, feel free to take inspiration from what it does best! Just like a student who learns from a mentor, you can begin by imitating what you do greatest while adding your own personal touch. Above all, monitor the statistics of all your shipments to be able to test new things and improve your addresses every time!

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