Media Marmiton, specializing in culinary, opens its markets

Marmiton, cooking media, is creating an e-commerce marketplace with a tight French startup. Marmiton wants to point out licensed kitchen appliances, products, and books. Products are offered to her community. tightR is used to create a bridge between a display media site and its brand ecosystem.

Advertisement for Marmiton E-Commerce Store

An e-commerce space targeting 17 million unique visitors per month

Marmiton receives 17 million unique visitors per month on its site and 5 million subscribers on its social networks. The media addresses its community with an e-commerce space dedicated to the culinary world. The media offers a selection of utensils, ingredients and books for preparing recipes. It’s a catalog of several thousand products from a selection of major brands such as Kitchenaid, Cristel, Bekaet and Le Creuset, as well as new brands and highly specialized references.

The store also offers Marmiton-licensed products such as utensils, linens, equipment, and recipe books from the new Chef In My Kitchen collection. The next book, dedicated to Chef Anne Sophie Pic’s kitchen, will be available for pre-order on the market from October 20. The Marmiton Store will provide its community with benefits such as promotions, events and exclusive offers, as well as a loyalty program.

Marmiton offers for sale the products needed to make the recipe

Licensed Marmiton Products Coming

With the narrow solution, Marmiton expands the culinary experience of its community with good ideas and plans for practical utensils, groceries and books. ” This makes it possible to offer a large catalog about the kitchen and finally licensed products Explains Florent Alzio, Associate Director at Unify in charge of the Marmiton Project. He remembers that Marmiton as a reference site in the kitchen sector has already enabled the brand to diversify into publishing or television with the Marmiton TV channel.

Marmiton is part of the Unify entity and benefits from the expertise of Unify. ” We offer our community a new premium online sales service continued. TightR is positioned so that the media captures and retains its audience with an online sales solution without inventory or delivery restrictions because orders are managed and shipped directly by in-market third-party sellers. These vendors were selected by Marmiton and are all French. We’re against the classic e-commerce site that has to buy, store, and deliver the merchandise it sells.

kitchen utensils for sale

Marmiton offers web media, magazine and recipe books

Marmiton Store was launched to be high quality and for all budgets. “ tightR aims to sell simply online and supports an audience-focused marketing strategy » Corin Gondwin, CEO of tightR. Marmiton was launched in 1999. In addition to its website, it offers a paper magazine and recipe books. Every month, one in three French people visit the site. Marmiton has tested and approved 76,000 cooking recipes considering their impact on health, society and the planet.

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