Focus on digital marketing

In its first original definition, It was the marketing of companies to communicate with their customers in a timely manner. Nowadays with the emergence of new and digital technologies, the goal is always to connect with their customers who are now online.

Thus, a new marketing practice has developed with different strategies within it: Digital Marketing, which refers to all activities that take place over the Internet to communicate with its (future) customers. Thanks to a combination of very specific techniques and methods, which led to the creation of new professions.

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What are digital marketing professions?

Familiar profiles of the digital ecosystem due to the proliferation of e-commerce (10% of sales in France in 2021) Especially popular In the labor market, salaries are quite attractive. In this regard, several professions have appeared in recent years:

  • Growth Hackers: This job is to accelerate the growth of the company with various digital marketing methods and tricks.
  • Traffic Manager: This job is a commercial job with business objectives definition, web page creation and data analysis.
  • CRM Manager: He is responsible for managing customer relationships
  • Digital Marketing Manager: This consists of directing the entire digital marketing strategy and making sure it works.
  • Community Manager: It is a fact of revitalizing social networks and an online company community to improve the brand image and establish a close relationship.

reward: To do these jobs, a 3+ bac is generally necessary, but in order to have important responsibilities in managerial and strategic jobs, a 5+ bac will be required.

What types of digital marketing are there?

Content marketing allows you to promote content with high added value to your prospects and customers To increase the fame and legitimacy of its business. The main benefit of this is to serve other types of marketing, all of which are based on interaction.

Affiliate marketing is between a seller and an affiliate where the sale is made on the basis of a paid success fee By the seller to the subsidiary company. This technique is very profitable because the affiliates will do most of the work while being paid only if the sale is made. It also saves advertising budget.

Display advertising is a visual communication Which reaches the general public at the desired location while maintaining some form of creativity and aesthetics.

Influencer marketing (with influencers) is when a company partners with a well-known person Who will, for a fee, promote the products/services on their personal channels of communication and thus attract other customers to the products/services being promoted. Thus, choosing an influencer is key, as is the goal and budget.

More technology: Event marketing, consisting of hosting events 100% online, helps in generating new leads and solidifying the brand image.

What are the communication channels in which digital marketing takes place?

In digital marketing, many communication channels are used to communicate with customers in order to increase sales.

Mobile marketing is the iteration and adaptation of what is done on a computer with a smartphone. This strategy is very effective to reach a young audience that often uses their phones, especially since it only requires the mobile phone number of the target audience. It is mainly used to build customer loyalty and is conducted in the form of clear and fairly short texts to convey website content and current promotions, for example.

Must include digital strategy Natural reference. This is intended to place the website in good standing (ideally on the first two pages) of a search engine. In order to gain visibility however it is essential that you have the right keywords and clear objectives.

Voice marketing through podcasts, for example, can attract a target occupied by other activities While he stays close to his audience who will remember the message he heard. Its other advantage is that it costs less to produce than, for example, to create a video. Podcast platforms and social media stories are a great way to do audio marketing.

Mail is a very effective way to keep in touch with customers while attracting many more people I’m not very interested in social networks, especially since in the age of GDP it is the consumer who controls the acceptance or rejection of emails (newsletters, promotions). It should be readable, airy and inspiring.

Video marketing consists of creating short videos or even longer formats You create feelings, capture information, and pass it on to your audience on social networks through good storytelling. A good video has a clear goal and message for an equally clear goal, which will allow you to adapt the style and style of the video. Indication of this is necessary so that it is easily accessible to all.

Social media marketing is now (almost) mandatory for any organization as it enables strong interaction with its community (hashtags, posts, stories) and improves SEO references. Successful social media strategy passes through a Full knowledge of the objective and content that may interest them while maintaining a consistent graphic charter and brand image.

For an organization, not doing digital marketing seems too complicated today. In fact, the means of digital communication has occupied such a place in our lives today that not being there seems too complicated for us to develop and maximize the profit of the individual. However, depending on the sector of activity, its purpose and the goals of the organizationIt is not necessary to invest in all digital marketing techniques But it is necessary to find The right acquisition tools.

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