▷ How to save as much time as possible for your social media posts and gain serenity?

Today more than ever, being in the digital world requires creating a lot of content, whether for your website or your social networks. These contents allow to improve their online visibility, show their expertise to prospects, inform and retain their customers…

Like your competition, you want to be in the race by producing and publishing more and more content. But managing your online presence is a time consuming activity that can quickly become a burden if no action is taken.

I share with you here my country method Organized to save as much time as possible for your social media posts. will make you win efficiency and in Serenity.

Principle 1: Improve content production for your network posts

Improve your content production

How can you not bear the stress and fatigue of social networks by producing daily high-quality content at the expense of your company’s activity?

Solution: Prepare the content advanceFor the next week, two weeks, or month.

Of course I’m talking here about predictable content, such as announcing a new product launch, a new menu, a new collection, or sharing an important company moment. Note that this does not prevent you from leaving room for spontaneity by adding your own pre-planned posts or posts that are inspired by your inspiration for the day or current events.

Tip 1: Work in a “batch”

But how do you create all this content without spending hours working on it?

The most effective way is to work in a “batch”.

what does that mean ?

that it Group similar tasks to be processed at the same time, within a limited period of time.

  • The tasks are said to be similar because they use the same means and resources to be performed.
  • The time limit is set to avoid scattering and thus be more efficient.

How does this work in practice?

Let’s break down the steps for creating a post:

  1. Search for a topic
  2. Look for information to support your point of view
  3. visually created
  4. Write the text of the post
  5. Set another day and time

The method consists of following these build steps but working on multiple posts at the same time. The sequence is as follows:

  1. A period of time dedicated to strategic thinking, to Find topics related to your target customer.
  2. Then a period to do In-depth search for information For all pre-selected topics. At this point, you mobilize your skills in analysis and synthesis.
  3. Then time allotted to create all visuals, Which will allow you to express all your creativity.
  4. Finally, a period of concentration, which calls upon your writing skills, will be essential writing From all posts.
  5. Then follows a period dedicated to Planning From your publications, calling out your skills in communication strategy. This step will allow you to build your own editorial calendar.

Grouping tasks that require the same skills and require the use of the same tools will allow you to:

  • Big time saver
  • Energy saving
  • Better production quality due to optimum concentration

Note that the bundling method can be applied to the production of other content such as blog articles, white papers, or newsletters.

Tip 2: Create a posting routine

But how do I find all these posted ideas always interesting to my character?

The AIDA طريقة method It is your ally to produce your own content. It is based on the following four pillars:

  • to meAttention: to attract attention
  • IBenefit: Interesting
  • DrDesire: make you want
  • to mection: take action (= buy your products/services)

In addition to commercial information about your products or services, you should Share more With your readers: for example information about your company, your customers or your sector of activity.

It’s important too to humanize Your company talking about behind the scenes (key moments, anecdotes, obstacles), its values, its employees and its partners.

look at me InspiresAnd the make you think And the advice Your audience (tips and sharing articles), plus to entertaindo it Laugh where a smileI’amaze (Contests, polls).

You can build your own editorial calendar by Alternating themes for your posts.

For example:

  • something new about your products/services;
  • gimmick;
  • behind-the-scenes information about the company;
  • Referendum ;
  • News from your field.

Your subscribers will appreciate this variety And it will feel like part of your adventure.

Feel free to refer to the following article for ideas:

Social Media and Marketing Calendar 2022: Prepare Your Next Marketing Campaigns

Tip 3: Think about recycling

How do you not have to constantly search for new topics to express yourself?

Consider reusing:

  • for you Old content (Owned Media): For example, the topics you have covered in the form of a blog article, which have had good results, can be used to create many posts on your networks;
  • The Content provided by your customers (Earned or Shared Media): Photos or comments that your customers send to you or customer reviews that are posted on Google.

Tip 4: Create visual templates

How do you not always have to find new images to create your posts?

With tools like Canva, you can create your own Post Templates (Templates) that you can reuse over and over again.

Your templates can be created from a blank page or with templates provided by the tool that you can adapt.

To create your models, you will use all files Elements of your charting chart Your color scheme, fonts, and brand icons (your logo or certain graphics you use all the time). Thus, by switching the colors of your palette, you will be able to create different versions of your templates, all of which will be compatible with your identity.

For each post type, you will create one or more forms.

For example:

  • A pie chart for an informational publication;
  • Text with a background image of a post related to your sector’s activity;
  • Screenshot on a color background for a customer review.

What tools should be used?

My favorite tool for saving a list of post ideas, collecting search results and creating my own editorial calendar is Concept.

To create various images and create models, my reference is can go.

To create video content, you can use Play. With this video editing software, any community manager can turn a message into an unforgettable video. All without any technical skills in terms of editing or video production.

Finally, for writing posts, I recommend Notion or Canva (using commentary associated with each visual).

Principle 2: Schedule the distribution of your posts on social networks

Schedule the distribution of your content

Your posts for the next weeks or month are ready and your editorial calendar is in place.

From there:

  • Either you decide to publish the scheduled post(s) on a daily basis, manually, possibly on several networks, at the best time for your character (which may not be the best time for you). But this will require you to make time for it and force you to interrupt your activity;
  • Either you use a file Programming In order to free your mind from the daily constraints of networking and allow you to focus on your core business.

I think the choice is very clear.

For tips on the best time to program depending on the social network used, go to the article:

When should you post on social media?

What tools should be used?

For programming posts, various tools are available to you. Your choice is to be made according to your needs (the social networks you are in, the number of accounts you manage) and your budget.

  • Free tools: Meta Business Suite (Facebook, Instagram), LinkedIn (scheduling feature coming soon);
  • Freemium Shows: Hootsuite, Buffer, Later;
  • Paid tools: Agorapulse, Swello, Canva pro. To see if your activity justifies their use.


As Bill Gates already mentioned at the beginning of the internet, on the web and social networks, “content is king”. And this is unlikely to be dismissed with the next update to Google’s algorithm (Useful Content Update), which will highlight original and useful content written by people, for people.

Like any entrepreneur, your time is limited and you must focus on your core business. Thus, it is necessary to find and Adopt the method that suits you In order to lessen the mental burden of the limitations associated with managing your online presence.

In conclusion, as with any method, everyone must make their own judgment and adopt, adapt or simply not apply it.

Feel free to share your tips in the comments to save as much time as possible to manage your social networks.

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