Will China use the app to track you?

A team from China-based TikTok’s parent company appears to have planned to use the app to track some US citizens, raising concerns about the security of the company’s relationship with China.

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According to documents reviewed by Forbes, ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok, allegedly aims to track certain users through its app. This isn’t the first time the social network has been targeted with these accusations, as we know the app is capable of collecting your data even if you don’t use it. TikTok can even recover your passwords and banking details through its built-in browser.

Forbes notes that ByteDance’s internal audit and risk control team, which typically screens employees for potential misconduct, He allegedly made plans to track a US citizen on at least two occasions through TikTok. However, he had no affiliation with the company.

TikTok strongly denies tracking its users

In response to this report, TikTok said in a statement that it has never used the app to “target” members of the US government, activists, public figures, or journalists. The social network also adds in a series of tweets that it ” It does not collect accurate GPS location information from US users, which means TikTok cannot monitor US users as the article suggests “.

but, This does not mean that the application does not use your location. TikTok reportedly told Forbes that The app collects location data for ” Among other things, help display relevant content and ads to users, comply with applicable laws, and detect and prevent fraud and incorrect behavior “.

However, Forbes is sure of his information, Which he apparently discovered in the company’s internal “documents”. The publication clarified that it would not be disclosed. The nature and purpose of the planned monitoring mentioned in the documents to protect sources It is also unknown whether TikTok actually collected the data of US citizens, or whether it was just a project. What is certain is that This new report will not help the social network improve its relationship with the US government, He was recently accused of stealing personal data.

Source: Forbes

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