How to create an email course to convert new customers?

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Email is a powerful tool for promoting your products and services to Internet users. Obtaining users’ permission to connect with them is not only a legal obligation (for BtoC marketing), but it is also a first step towards finding quality leads. Offering a course via email will allow you to increase subscriptions, but also to establish a relationship of trust with your potential customers. Learn the steps to creating an email course that will convert leads and increase your ROI.

Why invest in an email course design?

Today’s Internet users receive dozens of emails per day, whether they are asked or not. Marketers have understood the power of email marketing strategies and are not shy about it. Like them, you probably invest a significant amount of time setting up regular email campaigns and newsletters.

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Offering a free email course will allow you to expand your prospecting tools And to get empowering headlines without scaring the consumer about the possibility of newsletters being repeated frequently. The course will be limited in time and promises educational content of high added value for the new entrant (if done well…).

Mini lessons sent via email have the advantage of capturing the attention of potential customers: they make you an authority in the field. in this way, Show your audience that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re ready to share that knowledge for free. You thus arouse the confidence and goodwill of your prospects towards you: when an Internet user feels that you are giving them a gift of high added value, they are more inclined to do business with you (The principle of reciprocity).

The undeniable advantage of this method is that it can be automated. You definitely have to work hard to design a fun course, but then it’s possible to automate the whole process from a marketing automation platform.

Activetrail Email Answering Machines

Automate a series of lessons by e-mail thanks to autoresponders.

What does he talk about in his e-mail course?

To be effective, your course must take into account several criteria:
Products type that you sell or the services you provide,
target (status) that you want to achieve,
needs from your customers.

Do some research to determine what your audience wants to learn.
In particular, check the emails your customers send you before purchasing your product or using your services. You will learn what is on the minds of potential customers.
Ask yourself what specialized knowledge you should provide. If you are a web designer, you can include some mini lessons on how to improve a website, etc. This gives you an overview of your paid service and your experiences in the field.
Your email cycle should be different from what potential customers can find elsewhere on the web. Address a specific problem that the knowledge gained in your course can solve, without the reader being able to easily find answers elsewhere.

How do you write an interesting lesson?

Courses by email consist of a The sequence of messages sent automatically by your email service. They act as funnels, gradually directing subscribers to the products or services you offer. Unlike commercial emails, an Internet user expects your mini lessons.

Activetrail Email Conversion Funnel Scheme

There is no perfect number of lessons you can offer, it all depends on your product/service, what you promised the internet user to learn and your course interests.

In order to be easy to digest and not tire your expectations, it is recommended, however, to adopt a file Five to ten emails of 700 to 1,000 words each, sent daily or every other day. Of course, you should be able to keep the promise you made during registration and provide enough courses to solve the customer’s problem.

Be creative! Do not give a lecture that will bore or calm your readers. Write first person in conversational style or with a great deal of humor (if you have it, otherwise don’t force the cork…) You can tell stories, readers love the personal content.

How do you attract prospects to enroll in your course?

Before starting your email tutorial sequence, you will have to “capture leads”. You have several options for this:
– a Bulletproof Ads on Facebook or Twitter (your potential customers will be able to sign up without leaving their newsfeed),
– a Share your free subscription to a Facebook group to which it belongs,
– a Twitter Card for people who follow you,
– a Banner and subscription templates on different pages of your website.

Create a custom landing page to direct traffic to From your logo, signup forms, or your post on Facebook groups. This landing page should be attractive and provide a clear call to action.

You can create the page directly on your site or use the landing page editor for your email marketing platformYou will find different templates that are fully customizable:

A landing page created on the ActiveTrail email platform.

For Facebook ads, people’s photos are generally the best performer, as it attracts attention and prevents banner blindness (banner blindness/advertising, etc.). Plan to display a short text overlayed on the visual image.

How do you set up your autoresponder sequence?

As we’ve seen, the email course acts as a conversion tunnel. So the lessons will be divided into several emails which will gradually establish a long-term relationship of trust. and maximizing the exchange of value between you and your customers.

Email sequences can be sent automatically using the email marketing platform’s autoresponders.

The autoresponder software allows you to pre-select when to email your courses to your subscribers and automate the process With the allocation of times and dates of transmission for each user. You can schedule everything in advance and save time.

The email sequence will include:
Welcome emailsent immediately after enrollment in your course: Thank the new entrant and give him your course plan/calendar,
A series of emails for each lesson : Choose the frequency according to your goal and style of the lesson. Do some A/B testing to find out which cadence is best for you. You will be able to edit it later for other subscribers,
Follow up on emails : Continue the sequence of automated responders after the end of the course, by significantly reducing the frequency of emails (once or twice a week, provided you continue to provide interesting and relevant content: tips, articles, etc.).

Towards the end of your email chain, you may begin to include offers for premium products or services., if you’ve organized your course well… go off brilliantly, without disturbing your prospects, at least in the first selling emails. Your product/service should be seen as the next logical step that follows the sequence of mini lessons.

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How do you improve your campaign?

Even though marketing automation allows you to put your campaign on autopilot, that doesn’t mean you should rely on your laurels.

Test several different variations of emails and teaser ads for your products. Study and improve the performance of your email cycle strategy According to the data in the reports for your email platform.

Email sessions are just one way to engage your customers. sTake advantage of the permission to send them emails to stay in touch and adopt other customer retention strategies.

So get writing! Get your course ready and start converting new leads.

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