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Marketing and business actions must be justified so as not to lose credibility with their superiors. Investment figures and returns that are sometimes difficult to calculate.

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A few months ago, this was the case for one of our clients, who told us he lacked visibility in his email and SMS promotions. Its main difficulty was to weigh the weight of its marketing actions on its sales in physical stores. After our customer’s issue, we looked at the practices they should adopt to “track” their promotions from the web to the store.

Web-to-store is a behavior adopted by a consumer who searches for information on a website and then goes to make a purchase in a physical store.

Merchants and consumers find their happiness by taking advantage of ‘web to store’. On the buyer side, going to a physical store reduces several barriers to buying:

  • Shipping costs,
  • Realizing the purpose of the service
  • Payment security

For merchants, Web-to-store allows them to take advantage of the Internet to improve their in-store traffic, and even their sales, through targeted actions.

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An increasing pattern of consumption

Fast delivery, lower shipping costs… Some e-commerce giants can intimidate merchants who resist developing additional services offered to internet users. Fortunately, the Web-to-store did not display all of its cards.

Praised by the French, a November 2016 BVA study showed that 89% of the population primarily searches for information on the Internet, but 64% prefer to travel to see, touch and try the product before making a purchase. !

Merchants realize the opportunity presented by the Internet, and they see web-to-store as a new payment approach that allows them to generate revenue through new digital tools. In a study conducted by FEVAD (Confederation of E-Commerce and Distance Selling), 40% of respondents said they take full advantage of this strategy, thereby increasing traffic to the store by 29%. Many of them see their turnover improve through impulse purchases.

Online booking

As its name suggests, e-booking allows you to reserve a product online using a customer account to collect at the store later. Therefore, this technology allows:

  • to secure the sale
  • To invite his customer to the brand’s physical store

Two advantages, in addition to making a sale, give an opportunity to launch an impulse purchase upon receipt of the product.

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A hint to take advantage of online booking at Intersport

As the French search for more and more information about the products they buy, online booking makes it possible to close this research stage in case the potential customer is ready to buy. In addition, the reservation guarantees that you can find his product in the store and not travel for free.

In recent years, this trend has become more democratic with the impulse that it is no longer limited to fast food, but reaches all brands: Leroy Merlin, Darty … On the same principle, physical stores offer more and more terminals in the store to quickly collect their products Larger.

Online and in physical stores, consumers are now looking for a unique user experience that can be summed up in increased brand loyalty.

Of course, if you can manage the online reservation, it is also possible to offer a Click-to-Store, which allows the Internet user to order online, via bank card, paypal … and then collect the purchased product. In store.

Darty Service: Click and Collect

Email and SMS voucher

Originally in paper form, the voucher (discount voucher) is now also digital via email or SMS. To retain their customers, brands feel free to lure them through these two channels, which together record a record opening rate.

With the coupon, you will be able to invite your customers to go to the store using the coupon that they previously received by messages (email, SMS). Thanks to this coupon, there is only one thing to do: show the code, QR code or message received during checkout to take advantage of the discount. To maximize the user experience, feel free to use the links in the SMS (rich SMS) to invite the mobile user to go to a custom landing page.

Bizbee: Email Promotion Coupon

Celio SMS: Coupon for Valentine's DayIn the spirit of the web to the store, the coupon is king. Thanks to data mining applications, which allow you to process your customers’ data, you will be able to customize coupons for each recipient. Thus, you will send out discounts in line with the interests of your contacts, which directly affects the return on investment of your campaigns.

Data mining white paper: Download our free guide to customizing your emails!

Therefore, implementing coupons requires several things:

  • Check if the payment provider allows discounts through custom codes,
  • Define slow periods of your business or low success products to boost your business intelligently,
  • Customize messages and coupons to improve campaign conversion rate

For your coupon actions, but also for all marketing emails, don’t forget to manage marketing pressure on recipients in order to reduce excessive demand which can be synonymous with unsubscribe, dissatisfaction or spam complaints.

Personal and geographically specific contacts

Always by knowing your customers it is possible to segment your contact lists according to their locations. In a way, the contacts in your collection area are selected for each of your stores (assuming you have several physical stores).

The goal of the local geographic approach is to promote products and promotions via email or SMS that recipients can purchase near home.

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SMS Hyper U: Promotion at the nearest store

To implement this new technology now, feel free to ask your new customers for their zip code, or their favorite store for the information needed to create slides.

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If you already have a database and don’t have this type of data, it’s never too late to collect it via email. Like the picture below:

Fram: Send an email to find the agency closest to you

For your marketing and web-to-store actions, don’t forget that personalizing your messages always comes first! Geolocation, custom coupon, right message to right person, this is email and sms for 2018 🙂

Do you have any suggestions about Web-to-store? Leave a comment 🙂

Image sources: Intersport, Darty, Fram, Bizzbee, Celio, Hyper U

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