You must adopt these 3 strategies to monetize your website

This guide provides you with relevant and relevant solutions, which can be quickly applied, to develop and monetize your website. Until December 5th, get 80% off Hostinger’s Premium Web Hosting plus a free domain name.

Contrary to the promises made by some on the Internet, there is no miracle solution to make money easily by moving your thumb by the pool… The advice you will find here is meant to guide you in your adventure, but keep in mind that monetization of your business requires, more specifically a website Your web, time and dedication.

Before examining the various strategies available, there is consensus on one point in particular, for your site to be profitable, it must attract traffic, which is an indispensable condition for success. So make sure you provide engaging content that is updated regularly, taking into account natural (SEO) and paid (SEA) references, as well as social media.

Now that you understand the scale of the challenges to be faced and the priorities to be respected, let’s get down to business:

#1 Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliation is one of those terms that we often hear without really knowing what it represents. In practice, the idea is to include links that will earn commissions when readers buy products. It is a fairly simple and effective method, especially if your website is geared towards giving advice and promoting products. You can also connect discount coupons through affiliate links, a technique widely used by video bloggers. It is then necessary to partner with brands or sellers or launch a website dedicated to displaying coupons directly.

In any case, it is necessary to join affiliate programs such as those offered by Hostinger and Amazon or search for affiliate networks such as to share And the Join CJ. The potential winnings vary according to the platforms or even how long the tracking cookies have been active. So be sure to check out the different options available to you.

#2 Incorporating advertising space and betting on Google AdSense

Displaying ads in the form of banners or links is an effective way to increase your income. However, this method requires attracting advertisers by going through an advertising agency or by entering into direct contact with customers. The negotiations will revolve around the audience of your site, as well as the potential for conversion from a potential customer, which is when the reader becomes a contact and then a customer of the premium brand.

To attract advertisers, set up a media kit that summarizes key statistics and information for your website. You can use tools like Clicky . Web AnalyticsAnd the Quantast And the Google Analytics to get this information.
The other method, perhaps the easiest, is to use Google Adsense. This advertising model is pay-per-click (PPC), easy to set up and rewarded quickly. The advantage is that Google delivers personalized ads to your audience.

Here’s how to monetize your website with Google Adsense :

  • read the terms and conditions;
  • Ensure that your website meets all criteria;
  • Once your account is approved, simply include the code in the widget;
  • Place ads where you want them.

Whatever type of advertising you offer on your site, maintain some consistency so your readers don’t feel deceived. In the case of a sponsored partnership, surround yourself with brands that have a real connection to your site. Content can take the form of an article, an infographic, or even a buying guide. You can write it yourself or let the brand do it. Obviously, the bill will be higher if you manage the writing and integration on the site.

Here are the points to consider:

  • What is your goal?
  • How many sponsored posts do you want to write each month?
  • Is the brand value you are promoting related to your website?

If sponsored content is an effective way to generate revenue, be fully transparent with your readers by clearly stating that it is an advertisement.

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