New update of product quality reviews

As part of Google’s algorithm update, the search engine has revealed a look at how it is looking to improve the quality of product reviews displayed in search results…

Updates to improve your review ratings

Updates are already planned for April and December 2021.

According to Google, hmm It may affect the ranking of your product reviews in search results. For example, if you improve your content, you may see a positive effect with a recent update. However, please note that automatic product review content ranking is only one of many factors that are They are taken into account to determine the order of the content. So changes may occur at any time for various reasons. »

Concretely, two new best practices for product reviews were introduced:

  • adding links to multiple e-merchants to allow a potential customer to make purchases from the merchant of their choice;
  • Provide evidence of your own experience with the product (photos, audio, or specific links, for example) to highlight your expertise and enhance the credibility of your opinion.

This helps ensure that reviews are coming from people who demonstrate expert knowledge of the product.

Reliable and trustworthy advice on product reviews

According to Google:

Over the past year, we’ve been working to improve the product reviews we show on Google search. Our early updates are designed, among other things, to help ensure that reviews come from people who demonstrate expert knowledge and first-hand product research. [Cette dernière] The update builds on this work to ensure that product reviews in research meet certain criteria. »

In fact, Google is looking to highlight reviews on several products with a new update. This helps users find reliable and trustworthy advice when they access the search – whatever it is they’re looking for.

This relates to products that:

  • Explain what sets them apart from their competitors;
  • include useful details, such as their advantages, disadvantages, performance, or differences compared to previous versions;
  • Include information that is unique to what is not provided by the manufacturer: visuals, audio, and links to other content;
  • They are from people who have already used them and they show what the product actually looks like or how it is being used.

These reviews can help guide your approach to improving your marketing strategy, whether you’re using a legitimate review service or looking to include customer testimonials. The same goes for your influencer marketing campaigns.

For now, this update is only available in English, but Google will be working on new features to make it available for other languages.

Along the same lines, Google has published a comprehensive guide to improving review writing to help people choose the product they want to buy.

To give you insight, it is advised to focus on their quality and authenticity, not their length. The guide is available here “How to Write Quality Reviews”.

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