6 Reasons for a Bad Opening Rate

To connect with her prospects, community or clients, email is a very fun way. According to a study by Experian Marketing Services, the average open rate in France is over 40%. If you notice that your rate is lower, there are definitely email rules that are not being respected. A small point about some of the reasons that can explain a bad opening rate

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1. The sender is not clearly identified

More and more spam is contaminating Internet users’ mailboxes. Between fake emails and premature ads, a French Internet user receives an average of 39 emails per day according to arobase.org. There is nothing more annoying than receiving an email without being able to quickly identify the sender. In this case, do not forget to clearly state who you are.

2. The shipping list is not up to date

If your list is not up to date, it will play some tricks on you: People who have unsubscribed can receive your mail. And there, this is bad for the opening price and brand image, because the customer/prospect will feel they haven’t been heard. Also, be sure to email the approval list. Firstly because you are required by law to do so, but above all because it is intrusive and annoying to receive an email that you do not want.

3. The subject of the email is not attractive…

In communication, you need to know how to make your topic interesting, and not necessarily bright either, but what arouses interest and envy. Go straight to the point in the subject of your email and say what it contains!

4. …and very messy!

This fourth point comes straight from the second: if your topic is too long and you say everything in one sentence, you will lose your audience. Be clear, precise and above all concise! Get people to click with a few words.

5. The mail is sent at the wrong time

There are more favorable days and times for receiving mail, and this data changes depending on the target to be reached and the product to be sold. For some it will be in the morning, for others after lunch, and some in the evening. Experiment and compare open rates to find the right time.

6. Correspondence tracks each other very quickly

Space your mail so you don’t suffocate recipients. No need to send an email every two days, you risk seeing it go straight to the trash. To improve your open rate, be reasonable. It is better to focus on quality rather than quantity.

6- Reasons for bad-opening-rates

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