5 indicators to measure the performance of email campaigns

Knowing how to send marketing emails is good, but being able to evaluate their effectiveness is even better! Discover the 5 indicators to measure the performance of your email campaigns…

More than ever, it is essential for any marketing professional to be able to justify the impact of his actions on his company’s turnover and thus on its growth. Email marketing is no exception to this rule.

Email performance measurement allows you to control 3 specific points: the effectiveness of the content of your campaigns, knowing how your customer database interacts with your emails, and finally making sure that the results are equal. This performance can be measured by the quality indicators (delivery rate, open rate and click rate) of your email campaigns and by the profitability indicators in your email (conversion rate and unsubscribe rate).

Let’s find out together what they are and how useful they are in evaluating your email campaigns:

1. Delivery rate

The delivery rate is the percentage of the number of emails you sent that were successfully delivered to the recipients. Contrary to what one might think, The ability to deliver your email campaigns isn’t a thing Because you have to deal with the different rules set by ISPs and Postal Service. In fact, ISPs today pay special attention to the health of your databases. Thus, it is recommendedExclusive use of Optin email databasesFor example, the email addresses the advertiser is authorized to use, or double opt-in to avoid being blacklisted. Discover other tips that can ensure your email campaigns can be delivered in this article: The Eight Commandments of Delivery.

2. Opening rate

Open rate is the number of open emails out of 100 emails sent. Note that the average BtoC open rate is 25%. However, this largely depends on two factors: The subject of your emailwhich should attract recipients, and The sender’s name That should inspire confidence.

3. Click through rate

Click rate lets you see how many subscribers clicked on your links and ended up on your site or landing page. In fact, the click rate allows knowledge The level of interest shown by recipients in your content And so if they can be converted into potential clients and even clients! Therefore, I invite you to read this article which lists 5 tips to increase your click rate.

4. Conversion rate

Your conversion rate is the number of people who have signed up on your site or who have purchased one of your products after sending emails. So it plays a major role in evaluating the success of your campaign because it is related to your return on investment. average conversion rate 4%, But it is mainly due to the importance and quality of your email, but also to your website. In fact, if your email inspires recipients but your site doesn’t inspire trust, it will be hard to convert them!

5. ripple rate

Tracking your unsubscribe rate allows you to understand how recipients perceive your emails. Thus, if this rate exceeds 2%, this indicates that it is timeReview your campaigns. To understand why the unsubscribe rate is increasing, find out the 10 things netizens hate.

At any time look for the five key indicators to measure the performance of your email campaigns on this slide post: Five indicators to measure the performance of your email campaigns

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