What is the strategy to follow for successful campaigns in 2022?

In 2022, 4 billion people use email daily, which is more than half of the world’s population (Statista data). So it is one of the main communication channels. Therefore, companies more than ever need to create email marketing campaigns, regardless of their sector or size. However, some questions arise: What strategy should be adopted? What messages do Internet users receive the most?

In order to help you see more clearly, MoEngage has conducted an analysis of consumer behavior after sending certain emails in different regions of the world. The intelligent customer interaction platform examined 5.3 billion emails sent between August 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022. The white paper is in English.

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Be aware of consumer preferences

In this study, MoEngage analyzed four types of messages:

  • Broadcast emails sent in bulk from a mailing list;
  • Journey-based emails, to communicate with a potential customer when they are doing an important job such as an order;
  • Automatically triggered emails, programmed according to customer behavior and profile;
  • Personal messages, issued according to the recipient’s preferences.

The goal is to understand which email marketing campaign is more receptive to consumers. The analysis was conducted in Europe, North America, India, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

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The observation is clear: in the e-commerce and lifestyle industries, internet users are more sensitive to personal and fragmented messages. Now they want to feel like it was written especially for them. They value receiving emails based on their actions, shopping preferences, and needs.

This is particularly reflected in the MoEngage report: In the South Asian e-commerce market, the conversion rate has quadrupled thanks to dynamic content customization. The same is true on the European continent, where we see conversion rate multiplied by four and conversion rate multiplied by sixty when sending auto-triggered emails.

To get more marketing metrics in a specific market, simply download the free MoEngage study. It will also allow you to learn more about email campaigns in the lifestyle industry. This way, you will be able to compare stats like the open rate with companies in the same field as your business.

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Examples of optimizing email marketing campaigns

To help you master your email marketing campaigns, MoEngage also provides sample messages to send to your contacts. For e-commerce companies, it is best to send the first engaging email to quickly convert a potential customer into a customer. To encourage him to take action, it is also recommended to send clear and attractive messages, especially during promotions. For example, it is appropriate to create an amazing visual image with the percentage of wholesale registered discount in order to encourage the consumer to buy.

MoEngage also shares email ideas for lifestyle companies. To get the customer to interact with their brand, it is necessary to send messages with flashy Calls-To-Action (CTA) with catchy text, for example “Book your place”. In the event that consumers have not interacted with the business for some time, it may be effective to send a promotional code.

These are just a few of the many examples provided by MoEngage in this white paper. The latter will not only allow you to better understand the expectations of the consumer in terms of communication, but also to understand the improvements that are necessary to achieve. To get all the insights into the email market and succeed in creating a solid strategy for 2022, this report is a must.

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