What is cold mailing and how do you acquire leads? –

Cold mails are used very frequently in the B2B sector. Attracting new partners is a priority for many entrepreneurs. In the following article, we will introduce cold mailing, which is one of the most effective forms of communication, and suggest how to gain customer bases. We invite you to read it!

Cold email – what is it?

Cold email is a web marketing strategy at the service of your business. This is the type of email most often sent to prospects who have not received any information from you for a long time. The aim of such a campaign can be, for example, to deepen business relationships, to offer services or to address a specific topic.

It is therefore an email inviting you to cooperate or intended to inform the recipient about the type of services/goods you offer. A very important feature of cold mailings is the fact that this type of message uses a personal form – a specific person is addressed on a case-by-case basis. It’s good to know that cold mailings are only effective if you add real value and don’t send another message that ends up in your prospect’s spam bin.

Which tool for your campaign?

There are a number of dedicated email marketing tools on the market. However, if you want to start a cold mailing campaign, we recommend Woodpecker.

Its cost is relatively lower than traditional tools also used for bulk mailing. If you don’t want to use such a tool, you can also contact a professional web marketing company to set up your effective cold mailing campaign.

What should a cold mail contain?

The subject of the email plays a very important role – ideally personalized. In addition, the e-mail should contain brief and reliable information about the sender. The cold mail must then contain content about the company where the recipient works. Please explain later when we will email – but it cannot be a commercial offer.

The cold mail should also include a call to action that is short and understandable. For example, this could be a request for a phone call or a suggestion for a meeting. We end the email with the footer, which contains basic information about the sender’s company, email address and other identifying data.

Cold mailing – is it legal?

The answer to this question is yes, but under certain conditions. You must remember to meet certain conditions. First of all, you should know that European law does not allow the sending of unsolicited commercial information to Internet users who have not given their consent. Such cold mailing campaigns are doomed to fail.

This type of activity can also be considered spam – this means that the sender can be held liable for non-compliance with the Telecommunications Act and the Electronic Services Provision Act. You should also be aware that different attorneys may judge the legality of coldmailing activities differently.

While maintaining common sense, respect for GDP and prudence, this method makes it easy to achieve satisfactory business results and high ROI. For Coldmail to be 100% legal, it must not be sent to illegally obtained addresses that are GDPR compliant. The first e-mail must not contain a commercial offer, just a gentle introduction to the business and a proposal for a phone call or a meeting. If the recipient agrees, you can send them your offer.

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