This site brings together the top 100 affiliate programs to join media and content creators

Affiliate marketing is a passive income generating tool used by many businesses. The way it works is simple: A marketer joins a program, selects the merchant’s product to promote and promote. Then he receives a commission based on the sale price or link click rate.

To start affiliate marketing, you still have to find the right program. There are a lot of them on the market. Each of them has different features, especially when it comes to pricing. To help the media, bloggers and content creators who want to use this compensation system, Jaisal Rathee has collected hundreds of programs on one website called simply Best Affiliate Programs.

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Find the right referral program quickly

The best affiliate programs work the same way a guide does. On the website, you only need to register to access the various affiliate programs. In a few clicks, we discover many of them. At the top of the page the most popular programs are highlighted. For example, it is suggested to join Webflow, a drag-and-drop website creation tool. In the second part of the main page, you can access several additional programs. Every week new messages are added to the site. At the moment, there are a hundred already available.

To find out the conditions for joining a program, simply click on the “More Information” button next to the program title. You can then access their category (SaaS, marketing automation, password manager, etc.), a short description and commission percentage. In just a few minutes, it is possible to find a well-paid program that matches our expectations and needs.

Besides, the best affiliate programs also allow affiliates to list their programs. To do this, simply click on the “List your program” button. It is then necessary to fill in some information including his name, email address and company name. You should also attach a link that directs you to your referral program. This, however, requires you to pay $99 annually.

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