This Gmail extension allows you to send personalized bulk emails

According to a study conducted by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), 82% of marketers have noticed an increase in their email open rates thanks to personalization. 75% of them say their click-through rates were also higher.

On that note, email tools like Mailmeteor offer functionality that simply allows you to customize your campaigns. The goal is not only to increase deliverability, but also to succeed in increasing the conversion rate thanks to this technology.

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Track sent emails in real time

Before we start using Mailmeteor, it is useful to create a Google Sheets spreadsheet that includes your entire contact list. It is of course necessary to enter the email addresses of the recipients, but also any other field that can be useful such as first name, name or profession. Everything just needs to be divided into columns.

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Currently, AppSumo Market makes it possible to get the tool at a lower cost. Illustration: MailMeteor.

The rest of the process is very simple. It is necessary to click on the “Extensions” tab in the spreadsheet, and then select “Mailmeteor”, which will be installed previously. The tool then imports the data. For better navigation, it is better to name your contact list.

After creating the email template to send, it’s time to customize the message. To do this, you need to add variables. Each of them should be surrounded by double brackets, for example {{First name and Last name}}. Before sending the message, it is recommended to use the preview function. It is also possible to send yourself an email for the test.

By receiving personalized emails, recipients will feel like they are in a unique and effective conversation. This will help create a distinct relationship between the customer or potential customer and the brand.

At the same time, Mailmeteor lets you know if an email has been opened in real time and whether a contact has clicked on one of the links included in the message.

So the tool is very practical for professionals who want to boost their email campaigns without leaving Google Workplace. It is currently offered at $99 for life instead of $199. All features are included, including sending 2,000 messages per day from Gmail.

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