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Do you want to open a new market? You should have a well defined external email database. This email file can be purchased or rented, which helps to generate leads and get a high conversion rate. If you’ve never heard of renting an email file, this guide is for you! Why do you need a database? What are the pros and cons of renting an email file versus buying? Who are the actors involved? How it works ? How much does it cost? Focus on this unique concept…

Is an email database important to business?

The mailing list or email file contains the contact details of all potential customers who are likely to be interested in your services or products. For a company, this list is important to convert as many potential customers as possible. In addition to targeting, communications must be renewed regularly.

However, getting new addresses takes time and can be expensive. It is for this reason that many companies prefer to resort to buying or renting a database.

Email marketing, effective for transmitting and exchanging information, is the most common communication channel for businesses. Compared to advertising on social networks with a satisfaction rate of just over 15%, compared to around 20% for retargeting, email marketing satisfies more than 40% of professionals. With around 23 million French people logging into an email account every day, this digital marketing strategy is less intrusive.

An SNCD (or National Direct Communication Consortium) analysis conducted in 2019 also shows that nearly 70% of professionals visit a website after receiving an email, while nearly 50% purchase a service or product.

Why choose to rent an email file?

Renting or buying a file makes it possible to acquire new titles and conquer a new market. While each of its options has different advantages, leasing remains the most beneficial solution for some businesses.

Buy email files

When you buy a file for email addresses, you are the only one who decides to use it. In particular, you can perform sequencing or segmentation and then target or achieve a marketing campaign. For each contact, you can benefit from various additional information and have the possibility to use the addresses as often as you like.

However, you cannot control the quality or source of the titles. In addition, sending an email is more expensive than it is in the context of renting. According to the data protection law, you are not entitled to transfer or rent the database to a third party. You should ensure yourself to update the information. However, this task can be complex and time consuming.

Email database rental

By renting a file, you benefit from updating the coordinates. The agency that rents their database ensures that the email addresses are up-to-date in order to increase the chances of delivery. This point is that it differs with the purchase of files, because with this last option, the update of the contacts is not guaranteed.

This solution also allows you to save time and money, because for each email sent, the cost is lower compared to purchasing. You can focus on other digital marketing strategies related to your business, because the agency that offers file rental takes care of the dispatch and even the design of the email marketing campaign.

Since the file is only available for rental, you cannot reuse it. Additionally, you do not have the right to have detailed contact details to be used as part of your digital marketing campaigns.

In any case, before choosing to rent or buy a database, you should ask yourself questions about its use. Choose to buy if:

  • You want to perform multiple operations and follow up on your potential clients later by phone or email;
  • Prefer to take care of designing and sending emails;
  • You have a large budget to send emails to all potential customers and perform various operations.

On the other hand, choose to rent if:

  • You need to save time by contacting a service provider to take care of sending emails;
  • You have a limited budget to send it;
  • You are planning to make only one communication process.

To avoid having duplicate contacts, ask your service provider to remove the duplicate data. You will avoid paying twice for a lead who has already been contacted.

How to choose the right email program according to your company?

How does renting an email file work?

Three representatives participate in the e-mail file rental: the publisher, the advertiser, and the agency.


The publisher is responsible for collecting email addresses and then renting them to advertisers. It can build its database through contests, newsletters, requests for quotations, or online estimates, for example.

This company, which publishes the sites, aims to monetize its audience with email files. The concept of Opt’in Partner takes on its full meaning from the moment the Internet user submits his personal data and agrees to use it for commercial purposes. Although some netizens disapprove of this spam-generating practice, it remains beneficial for those who can monetize their audience.

Opt’in differs from Opt’out, which is banned by the CNIL or the National Commission on Computing and Liberties, in that it does not take into account the opinion of the Internet user. This technique is intended to force him to check the partner’s box or pre-mark the boxes in his place.

However, some sites that use Opt’in deliberately offer pre-set partner boxes to prevent the Internet user from deselecting them. The quality of emails depends on whether the Internet user has voluntarily checked the partner box or not. It is of better quality when the latter checks it out because he is interested. The same is true for highly targeted contacts which are more valuable compared to those obtained through competitions. Thus, a higher quality email file will be more expensive.


An advertiser is a representative or company whose goal is to acquire new customers using marketing or advertising campaigns. Today, many companies involved in financial services or insurance use the e-mail rental service.

To succeed in your marketing campaign, your average basket must be large and your goal must be precise. By fulfilling these two conditions, you increase your chances of getting a satisfactory return on your investment.


The agency can take care of the following:

  • Enrich contacts by cross-referencing several files for additional behavioral information. This method improves address qualification;
  • Develop campaign report with ROI calculation;
  • send emails from addresses in files;
  • Select the files to be used according to the size and targeting required by the customer;
  • Set up email templates that you will then send to potential clients. They can also set up the landing page that will appear when the user clicks.

How much does it cost to rent a file?

The cost of the database depends on various factors:

  • the size : a file with a large number of addresses is more expensive than a file with a low volume;
  • Database quality : It is necessary to delete inactive email addresses regularly in order to get the quality file. Although it is difficult for an advertiser to estimate the quality of a file, the latter must take into account the method of obtaining contacts, canceling subscriptions, the number of possible submissions per month, etc. ;
  • Targeting degree A qualified lead is more expensive than an unqualified lead.

You should also consider the various services the agency provides, such as mentoring costs, campaign management costs, or form creation, for example.

For individuals, a volume of nearly 10,000 poorly targeted contacts costs between €50 and €100, while a large volume of 500,000 poorly targeted contacts costs between €20 and €40. Count 80-120 euros to rent a database of poorly targeted contacts aimed at professionals.

If the volume is equivalent to 100,000 contacts, the prices will range from 40 to 80 euros. For a professional and highly targeted email file, prices are between 200 and 400 euros for a volume of 10,000 addresses. Finally, it ranges between €150 and €300 for a volume of 50,000 highly targeted titles.

And to master good email marketing practices, feel free to train yourself. This web marketing training will teach you how to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns, marketing in particular, and measure your actions.

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