The main directions to follow

This year again, the digitization of retail continues to rise. Consumers are looking for new shopping experiences, and brands are facing new challenges. The health crisis has certainly disrupted French commerce, but e-commerce is showing no signs of slowing down, and fashion remains the leading French online market with the largest number of buyers.

The retail market represents more than 13 billion euros in sales volume and announcing +14% growth by 2027, the retail market is still very popular in France. Here are some trends to know for growth opportunities!

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Customer experience, made in France and omnichannel…

Among the main trends to follow, the customer experience, Made in France and One-stop channel stand out.

Indeed, it is necessary to surprise consumers in their online shopping journey. Providing personalized purchase recommendations, virtual experiences thanks to augmented reality, and informing Internet users in real time are highly anticipated elements of 2023.

Environmental responsibility…

Certain societal trends have also developed in recent years, particularly with regard to the environment. In fact, 53% of French say they are sensitive to environmentally responsible approaches, and therefore take into account environmental, responsible or ethical elements in their online consumption. Sustainability is then a factor of choice, and it can be at the forefront of customers’ minds.

And then…

In addition, it is important to set the right goals and send the right messages. Millennials are the main consumers of fashion items in France, spending 19.5% of their budget on them. Sure, this goal is more volatile, but it should be at the heart of your digital strategies.

Finally, even if online sales have grown exponentially in recent years, physical commerce still has a bright future ahead! On the other hand, merchants, more than ever, must completely rethink and digitize their POS to continue performing.

As you understand, if you are a retailer, you will have to focus your attention and investments on digital levers, and keep innovating in your digital strategies!

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