the ideal email tool for sending personalized B2B emails

Prospecting via email is a must for any business. Over time and as technologies have evolved, many tools have emerged that make this acquisition lever effective. The secrets of the latter? Personalization and automation and that’s what Lemlist offers!

Lemlist allows you to send cold emails, which are emails that are sent to potential prospects without first contacting them. A practice exclusively for B2B.

Lemlist therefore offers various tools to personalize your emails with personalized images and videos (with overlays), to automate the tracking of emails and, above all, to monitor their success.

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A more human prospecting thanks to personalization

Lemlist wants to be”the first email automation platform that automatically generates personalized images including your company logo, company name, employee name, etc.“. Personalization allows you to increase the response rate and engagement of your cold email campaign, thus getting more responses and therefore sales. Of course, if the great strength is personalization, Lemlist allows you to create automated scenarios / e- Create mail sequences to get the most out of your cold email campaigns.

In a few seconds it is possible to connect to Gmail or Outlook. Lemlist can also be integrated with tools like Pipedrive, LeadFuze, Dropcontact and many more via Zapier or custom APIs. Lemlist lets you schedule email sequences by a time slot to send them out at the right time. Finally, it is possible to track opens, clicks and replies on sent emails.

Lemlist is also a sales community that shares best practice in the profession daily in a Facebook group. For Lemlist users, it’s a great way to get advice on how to use the cold email solution, but also engage directly with Lemlist CEO Guillaume Moubeche. Brand marketing brings a lot of value to users, the B2B email tool website has many tutorials and practical cases to quickly get the most out of Lemlist. Hence, users can rely on many B2B email templates for prospecting, networking, recruiting, event promotion or backlink generation.

The tool is now used by more than 8,000 companies, including Zendesk, Uber, AppSumo and Shapr. You can test Lemlist for 14 days without having to enter your credit card. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are offered, ranging from $29 per month to $950 per year. The difference in price is mainly explained by the number of emails that can be sent per day, the ability to run A/B tests or the ability to integrate videos into your emails.

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