The Complete Guide to Building an Effective Email Strategy

With 3.9 billion users worldwide (Radicati Group, 2019), email offers multiple opportunities for businesses in terms of communication and marketing. It allows you to quickly communicate with the audience, easily promote a product or service and deal effectively with your target audience. For 80% of business professionals, it increases customer retention. In a white paper, Sendinblue, a French digital marketing specialist, reveals how they can take advantage of this channel and best practices to implement their email strategy.

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Succeed in your email strategy

To succeed in your email campaign, you must follow certain steps that will allow you to create an effective business plan. First, it is necessary to set strategic and achievable goals based on your business plan. They can, for example, be more effective at nurturing customers, increasing loyalty, or gaining visibility in a particular market. This step allows you to see more clearly which direction you should choose and which KPIs you should pay attention to.

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Developing an email strategy also includes defining its personalities and audiences. This includes noting the main characteristics, needs, and goals of each typical user. Demographic, behavioral, and revenue data must be analyzed to determine which market has the highest percentage of potential customers or customers.

To understand these numbers, it is necessary to contact their customers, for example through a survey, to obtain more specific information about the ideal customer. All these elements will make it possible to accurately write character profiles. This process is necessary to create appropriate content and to choose the perfect moment to connect on their respective journey.

By getting this guide, you’ll discover in detail three more essential steps in setting up an email strategy and Sendinblue’s tips for each:

  • Develop a mailing list.
  • Determine the buyer’s journey and the importance of email at each stage;
  • Identify stakeholders and choose the tool that matches your criteria.

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Keys to successfully implementing your strategy

Once you have an effective action plan in place, its implementation comes. At first glance, it may seem wise to communicate intensively with your newly acquired list of subscribers. In the long run, it’s best to bet on your email segmentation strategy, by sending the right message to the right people.

For this reason, specific lists should be created according to everyone’s preferences, in particular by taking into account their preferences and combining their common characteristics, such as location. Segmentation then allows more relevant emails to be sent and better campaign results, to improve deliverability and create a strong and honest relationship with its audience.

When implementing its strategy, one should not neglect their brand image either. Emails sent should be attractive and reflect the company’s values. For this, you have to choose attractive visual and clear written content that delivers the voice of the brand.

These are just two of the best practices that Sendinblue offers. By downloading this white paper, you will learn more about:

  • Optimizing your campaigns to achieve better results;
  • write appropriate content in your emails;
  • optimizing transactional emails;
  • Automation benefits to increase conversions.

This guide is a real support point for any professional who wants to set up a successful email strategy. Don’t forget to download it to get all the advice from Sendinblue experts.

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