the 6 best techniques in 2022

In order to better sell your services or products, you need to implement a good sales strategy. That’s obvious! This saves you time, converts your prospects into customers and increases your sales. But what exactly are the benefits of this strategy? What are the most effective techniques to implement in 2022? And how do you achieve satisfactory results?

Commercial Prospecting: Definition and Benefits

Commercial prospecting encompasses all of the measures and techniques a business uses to persuade new prospects and convert them into customers while encouraging them to sell. Selling your products or services to people who don’t need them is a waste of your business’ time. Likewise, the public does not want to waste their time with the numerous inappropriate commercial requests.

So, a well-crafted strategy not only saves time, but also helps you be productive. So set yourself goals that you can actually achieve by implementing good strategies. In any case, commercial prospecting involves 5 well-defined steps:

  • defining your goals;
  • researching your destination;
  • choice of your prospecting channels;
  • Choosing the most appropriate methods to convert your prospects;
  • Evaluation of the campaign results.

The best selling techniques in 2022

Of the many prospecting channels or techniques, some prove more effective than others.

The cold call

With a conversion rate of just 1% Cold calling or cold calling is considered unprofitable. According to figures published by Hubspot, more than 81% of sales are made after the 5th call. The prospect might feel like you’re wasting their time or that you’re pushing them to buy. In addition, 80% of customers do not want to be contacted by phone and prefer to discuss via email.

As this phone prospecting technique becomes less used, consider several strategies to keep it effective:

  • Be transparent about your intentions. Show the prospect that you are able to offer solutions to their problems. Speak clearly, treat him as a whole person and stay professional;
  • Ask about their needs before making your call. Also find out about his behavior, his sensitive points in the practice of his profession, the kind of solution you can bring him… By showing him that you are well informed about him, he will want to stay on the phone, make an appointment when you will buy or will buy your products;
  • Set small goals to increase your chances of achieving them.. Since it is not easy to convince on the first call, set a goal to achieve this after, for example, a demonstration, a second call or a follow-up email;
  • Prepare an appropriate sales script. Ideal for a cold call, your script should include an introduction introducing yourself and a key message explaining the reasons for your call. Some open-ended questions make it possible to avoid conventional answers. To increase your chances of converting the prospect into a customer, you need to convince them to take a follow-up call.

Reach people who might be interested in your products or services. Your speech should be reassuring and based on advice, not an absolute will to sell.

The Hot Call

Hot calling or warm calling consists of calling a potential customer with whom you have already had an interaction. Thanks to this technique, with which you ensure that your interlocutor finds solutions, he feels understood and heard.

To use this channel effectively, you must:

  • Find the target companies and make sure you learn more about them and their markets;
  • Know the right contacts and decision makers of each target company;
  • Captures your conversation partner’s attention from the first sentence you say during your call. Therefore, your introduction needs to be carefully maintained;
  • Prepare a tailored speech based on the different approaches you have carried out;
  • Present your interlocutor with a person-to-person address;
  • Always ask open-ended questions;
  • to listen to his bread points or pain points and their needs. By offering him a solution to his problem, you create a connection;
  • Make a call of up to 5 minutes;
  • Leave a voicemail message for your prospect if they don’t answer your call.

Make sure you have relevant information about your goal, such as an event or company news, to be successful in your warm calling. You can also start your call by talking about a mutual contact or the local area.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn brings together nearly 810 million users around the world as of January 2022 and is a huge hit among professionals. This social network also brings together professionals gathered in interest groups or LinkedIn groups to effectively find maximum prospects for your business. With a good social media strategy on LinkedIn, you can:

  • Receive targeted contacts;
  • Communicate your message effectively to your destination;
  • Communicate and share your experiences with many professionals grouped by the same interests in a single group;
  • Target new prospects.

For example, to generate leads from LinkedIn groups, consider:

  • Send direct messages to members of your group using content links. If you take a personal and gentle approach, some will likely respond to you. To provide answers to their questions, quickly send them the data or information they are looking for. Avoid aggressive sales strategies to attract the attention of your interlocutor;
  • Choose the most interesting content to attract your potential customers (a video, a blog article, etc.). The content should be chosen according to your intended use. Once you create it, you can share it on LinkedIn groups and across the professional social network.

Prospecting by email

Prospecting via email or email is one of the most effective B2B techniques. According to a recent study, almost 8% of 100 B2B prospecting emails sent in France result in a positive response to a meeting proposal. 17% of these emails are answered while more than 60% are opened (Source: Meet your market)

Thanks to this channel, you will have the opportunity to develop your activity faster and therefore:

  • Increase your conversion rates;
  • Better qualify your leads;
  • Increase your sales;
  • Have more inbound leads.

Where mass mailings used to be preferred, this is no longer the case as personalized and targeted mailings are proving to be more effective.

An official event

Use an official event to make contacts, such as a trade fair, an ideas competition, a conference debate or a trade fair. This type of event not only promotes meetings with potential customers, but also allows you to communicate and exchange with different professionals in your sector.

The webinar

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, distance learning, live classes, virtual workshops, and other similar types of content have seen a meteoric rise. These different events can take the form of a webinar to increase your audience by sharing your knowledge and skills.

They can be used for your B2B prospecting to convert prospects into customers. For them to be effective, this requires:

  • Thorough preparation: A relevant topic, defining the target group, determining the problems they face, proposing one or more concrete solutions to these problems. Also, remember to anticipate any attendee questions to effectively advise them to sell your services or products;
  • Optimal promotion with a catchy title, relevant description and the solutions you have developed;
  • Choosing a good platform to host your webinar: Livestorm, Webex, Zoom…;
  • Good animation and a varied pace of presentation. This must contain breaks, visuals, interactive passages. To grab your audience’s attention, think storytelling;
  • A strong call-to-action or call-to-action at the end of the presentation.

Finally, choose days like Tuesdays or Wednesdays to host your webinars. And to encourage it, opt for email.

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