Retraining and achievement in digital careers

Digital augmented communication is essential, even vital. So I wanted to separate my daily life, to challenge my decisions and my work choices. Discover the certification of professionals in their digital career (challenges, success, difficulty, vigilance, etc.).

Which career in digital marketing to choose?

After going through a professional retraining from a bank branch manager to a job as SEO project manager or digital consultant, I had to find job challenges to carry out my project and make myself happy at the same time. In fact, the middle stage was a side project, a project in parallel with a paid activity: creating a passionate blog to learn the basics of referencing a website, engaging a community on social networks, developing an affiliation… These are many aspects that have been professionalized like after a few years to create My web marketing agency.

What are my successes in this new beginning with digital technology?

The most difficult thing is to create your offers, find clients, and continue to develop your skills … After two years, a launch in the midst of Covid, in case of discomfort and difficulty, you are sure of your choices. So what pride should be achieved and success step by step! Now, I work as a trainer for chambers of commerce and crafts, coaching leaders for launching startups, with ideas like crowdfunding and crowdfunding to promote community development.

I learned to organize myself (tasks, monitor data and new customers, etc.) in a casual way, to question myself in order to keep moving forward and satisfy customers, according to their expectations and goals.

The digital consultant It works with businesses of all sizes and whatever their digital needs. The job is to advise decision makers on current and/or future web strategy. The tasks of the digital project advisor are:

  • improve the practices and skills of its clients and partners;
  • Develop internal monitoring tools ;
  • Enhanced performance of tools for more traffic and visibility…

The job requires a number of skills, from technical review to project management It goes through a strategic aspect, from short term to long term depending on the projects.

What digital professions are hiring?

Many deals in the atmosphere of time such as:

  • Developer;
  • web project manager;
  • commercial in web solutions;
  • Developer solutions and mobile applications;
  • Responsible for SEO (Natural References);
  • Traffic Manager, Growth Hacking Manager (Solutions for fast traffic development);
  • digital communications officer
  • web designer…

What is training to work in digital?

Bachelor, Master to move from Bac + 3 to BAC + 5. Some special courses offer practical study of finance, but also to face the world of work faster.

Thus, conducting an internship to deepen the theoretical knowledge of digital projects towards concrete customer cases is a real addition to your career.

What is the function of the web?

What are digital skills?

The digital project manager develops on several projects at the same time, for one or more clients simultaneously.

organizational skills and Project management These are the most required basic skills.

The job is too Technical It requires a certain base of specific knowledge based on successful or unsuccessful campaigns to better develop the right strategy. Examples of digital tools include mastering Google Analytics, SEM Rush, social media tools, email, and monitoring. You also have to listen to good practiceswhich is developing rapidly, in terms of SEO or SEA for example.

Finally, mastery and comprehension HTML languages And CSS, knowing how to use it CMSAt least WordPress is essential to the success of the course.

Why work in the digital sector?

Here are 4 examples to consider in a digital career:

  1. recruitment industry According to the numbers quoted numberthe professional regulation of the digital ecosystem in France, the growth of the sector is estimated to reach 6.3% in 2021;
  2. The sector is constantly evolving and renewing : One of the advantages offered by digital technology is the possibility of practicing many professions throughout his career;
  3. Diversity of situations To evolve in this ecosystem: perform your duties in different types of organizations: in business (small enterprise, VSE, SME, ETI (medium-sized company) or large groups);
  4. There are no criteria for profiles to be recruited Graduate or complete retraining, these careers are open to candidates from all walks of life.

What are the Vigilance Points of Digital Marketing Careers? What difficulties must be faced?

Being responsible for your surroundings or your team requires several vigilance points:

  • The competitive profession between positions and between companies and specialized agencies.
  • The task that goes fast and you have to reinvent yourself, dare new things, and constantly learn;
  • Technologies are developing rapidly: you have to keep your critical mind, be inquisitive, not fight AI or AI, but make it your ally;
  • You have to maintain your own free will, form your own opinions and surround yourself with partners, in Internet marketing …

For these reasons, we note that employees on the web work independently to gain freedom or business men Becoming an employee is to gain security or pass the stages in terms of skills, because experience is time management and regular customers. So ask yourself the right questions and think of the right organization to put in the right place to achieve your goals Career Objective.

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