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Sure enough, he started his day with ten minutes of meditation, followed by a stretching session and a cold shower. This morning’s ritual, Sebastian Badoult does not avoid. Ensure a balance of body and mind to awaken the world into full consciousness. Kind of a daily digital detox before diving deep into digital assets. In fact, last February, the former director of Alibaba France joined the French startup Ledger, a promising rhinoceros working in the field of cryptocurrency security.

He was named vice president of metaverse and Web3, and joins a company of 800 people (workforce worldwide) after decades of practice in large, dominant global groups. “ Ledger became my life, my obsession. You put a lot of energy into it and it’s exciting. But it is true that some nights I sleep poorly because of the risks and my responsibilities It must be said that it takes a lot of patience and faith to evolve in the world of cryptocurrency, metaverse and NFT, where the virtual dimension can make those who are building their future in this new world of technology lose their footing,” admits the Quartet. Their foot… is intangible.” On the contrary, I say to all the skeptics: buy Ledger, Bitcoin, NFT, test the ecosystem and you will see… The leader encourages.

The new El Dorado

Sebastian Badault’s mission is to: Develop new activities related to metaviruses and NFTsAnd the Making it possible to authenticate and track assets via the blockchain. It will have to develop new services in promising sectors such as luxury games and video games. ” Web3 is a great opportunity for Europe to create world champions. It will be necessary to create an equivalent of French Tech dedicated to the Web3 ecosystem and Fevad dedicated to structuring this new market Sebastian Badault analyzes. Passionate about his new challenge, he does not hesitate to talk about the new Internet Eldorado to finally put brands in direct contact with consumers. With Web3, the consumer retains control of their association with the brand. Today, our digital identity belongs to Facebook, Amazon and Google, but tomorrow we will be able to take back control of our information sharing. It will change the world, like the Internet in its infancy. If creators and artists come to Web3, users will follow. For this, it requires easy adoption and safe use. Like Sebastien Bourget, CEO of Sandbox (a virtual game) for whom the metaverse is closer to a zone of conquest and social revenge, Sébastien Badault defines Web 3 as the new frontier of the Internet that fuels equal opportunity and that restores balance, thanks to the blockchain. ” Apple takes 30% of app developers, YouTube 55% of creators, Spotify gives $4 billion to record companies, of which only 16% goes to artists… We must support creators to secure their businesses. »

In line with his choices

A cultural mission by other leaders, such as Thierry Gadot, co-founder of Minteed, an ArtTech startup and former president of Dentsu Aegis Network France: “ We want to promote businesses, protect artists’ rights, create customized exhibitions, and create real and virtual collaborative experiences. We want to make blockchain a space that respects art and culture “.Sebastian Badoult advocates the digital tenure economy.” Until then, only the domain name belonged to us… Tomorrow, most brands will sell a product and its digital twin, which will be NFT. It’s a matter of time “.in an ecosystem that boils, jobs are built. Sebastian Badault is rich, dense and cohesive.” We’re at the beginning of the adventure in Ledger but I feel very consistent with my choices. When I was at Google I was 6 or 7% of the global sales volume but I only had 1% of the vote because you have to be at headquarters to influence the company’s global strategy. Which was a little disappointing. By joining a startup, I know that I have a direct impact on the development of the company, but I also take on heavy responsibilities. Leader details.

Web3 is a great opportunity for Europe to create world champions. »

global network

To carry out his mission, he will be able to follow in the footsteps of the one who recruited him, Pascal Gauthier, the charismatic CEO of Ledger. They’ve known each other for 22 years, and struck their first affiliate deal when Sebastian was director of marketing at Amazon. ” I was on Google, and he was on Criteo, we always followed and liked each other. It impresses me very much. He’s designed to be CEO, he’s fair and brave… He has all the essential virtues, I believe… The two complementary partners are also good friends who are working together for the first time. Collusion and mutual respect unite them. For Pascal Gauthier, the catch is big: “ It is one of the few leaders in France with such a global network. He knows everyone everywhere, in China, Europe, the United States… In addition, he is a global expert in brand engagement on a digital level. He is an outstanding businessman who knows how to manage complex problems. ‘, he admits to his professional partner.

bridge construction

There are no more digital secrets for this expert who trained in the world’s largest web companies. Five years at Amazon, ten years at Google, seven years at Alibaba…” My career is a mixture of opportunities and choices but it is all about timing and moments. When I analyze my career path, I realize I’ve done Web1 with Amazon, Web2 with Google and now Web3 with Ledger. It is a kind of natural progression and I seek, each time, to help “traditional” companies take advantage of new opportunities, to build bridges “, Analyse. Sebastien Badault has a dual French-American culture, and has always had a direct connection to technology. His father, an engineer at Thomson, moved with his family to the United States. 13-year-old Sebastian got to know the beginnings of the internet, studied in Boston and got his first job at a startup. Returning to France in 1998, he joined the Textuel-La Mine agency and created the first web newsletter, “Metanews”. Then he met Denis Terrain (current CEO of Salesforce) who was founding Amazon in France who offered him to join the adventure. Today, this dual culture is the strength of his family. “ With my three children and my Venezuelan-Lebanese wife, whom we met in the States, we all communicate in English and develop a flair for travel. “…Definitely, the world of Sebastian Badoult is limitless.

its path:

1991-1994: Boston College

1996-1998: TBS Teaching in Toulouse

1997-1999: Script Marketing Manager / La Mine

1999-2004: Marketing Director for Amazon.com France

2004-2014: Director of Development, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Google

2015-2022: Director of Alibaba France

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