Also called newsletter or distribution, we find newsletter on almost all websites regardless of their topics. So what exactly is a newsletter and why do we use it?

Newsletter private channel

A newsletter is a topical email that is sent periodically to a specific contact base, and is the preferred channel for communicating directly with your target. Note that it is necessary to give recipients a way to opt out. In fact, otherwise, your newsletter could be considered spam and be condemned.

Unlike mail that aims to reach the maximum number of recipients, a newsletter includes a “clean” set of contacts and thus anticipation of your audience. To have an effective newsletter, it is essential to stand out thanks to original and targeted content. On the topic, if you’re lacking inspiration, this article might interest you: 18 Examples of Successful Newsletters.

The channel of choice for news, the newsletter, unlike traditional correspondence, takes advantage of a wider field of work and can actually be used to communicate any kind of information related to the interests of your target. Avoid using it to exclusively promote your products or solutions, it will be counterproductive. Your audience can already get bored and unsubscribe.

Newsletter to create a link

We have previously seen that the recipients of your newsletter are volunteers and therefore request information. Don’t let this opportunity slip by, and consider each newsletter as a way to strengthen the bonds that unite you with your contacts. To do this, personalize your newsletter as much as possible, if only with the topic and the first introductory words. It’s also relevant to segmenting your base so you can get the right message across to the right person at the right time. This segmentation will also allow you to analyze the tracking of your shipments and tailor your future content to demand.

Reporting newsletter

Unlike the information on your site, which requires action to be accessed, the content of your newsletter is delivered directly to your audience. Feel free to make “reminder shots” on key points even if they are developed on your site. Inserting action buttons is also an effective way to redirect your target to your site.

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