Marketing before Christmas? The right lever at the right time for the right target

In the face of declining purchasing power, price is at the heart of merchants’ marketing strategies to gain new customers and build on their notoriety as the year-end celebrations approach.

The end of the year period is fast approaching and retailers are fine-tuning their online marketing strategies. “Noël est le temps fort de l’année et il se prépare de plus en plus tôt, constate David Hamelin, associé fondateur de Parabellum, une agence conseil en stratégie retail. Le client doit vivre une expérience et il faut crétement de l’en at this time”. For Paul Diowo, CEO of Arkheus, an agency that specializes in acquisition marketing, “Over the last four months of the year, big business events like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or Christmas will follow. In gaming, this period represents more than 50% of annual sales volume, and in the home and fashion sectors it ranges from 25 to 30%.”

If the problem is critical to retailers, their strategies have changed this year. David Hamelin warns that, “In previous years, new sermons could have been heard. The important thing this year is price. Consumers will make trade-offs in their choice and communication will not necessarily suffice.” “In this challenging context, customers will play the competition,” added Paul Diowo.

Arthur Devoir, co-founder and CEO of Arcane, an agency that designs activation strategies, reminds us that during tough times, marketing budgets are cut first. But he asserts, “We must not skimp on the bad reputation of the brand because those who are doing their best to get out of the crisis are those who have kept investing.” Especially since the end of this year may represent certain opportunities according to him: “In the first quarter of 2022, CPCs were at their historically high but orders weren’t there. At the end of the second quarter, advertisers had their sails lowered. In certain sectors, it’s going down. CPC, and there is an opportunity to gain market share.”

Attract the customer today

But getting ready for Christmas isn’t just about a price war at the fateful hour. Today we should take care of buyers. Specifically, “In the face of customer fluctuations, promotion is not everything. To establish a relationship with it, we will no longer feature the product but rather a discount for its access,” explains Sylvain Borcheret, Senior Consultant at Parabellum. The goal is to restore the consumption habits of customers most volatile from a month ago. August “. Therefore, retailers will offer offers that “give a sense that you have purchasing power, 2 euros are not enough, you will have to offer a discount of at least 10 euros for a basket of 50 to 60 euros”, adds Parabellum’s chief adviser, before recalling the importance of targeting: “The process must match With the population, and we will not provide diapers to children in an area where the population is aging. We have to adapt.”

The right channel at the right time

Between different channels, advertising investments will vary depending on the time period. “In October, we advise our customers to maximize investments in Google search advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness,” explains Paul Deew, CEO of Arkheus. Visits are worked out from October to November with more words Home. Which gradually became more accurate and more transactions.” Arthur Devoir, CEO of Arcane advises identifying loss leaders through Google Shopping. “Once losing leaders are identified, they need to be promoted on Meta using Instagram or on Snapchat. Retailers should try to simplify their data as much as possible to make a difference and improve their investment.”

To convert and go to the store, we spend budgets on Facebook where the click rate is higher

Each channel aims to adjust different targets according to the target. “Instagram is interesting for performance, and video formats like YouTube have a greater impact on reaching Google Shopping for example to attract new customers, Arcane CEO explains. You have to work first in Google and Meta before testing elsewhere.” In Parabellum, the same story goes, “To work on notoriety, we will invest in display to play on volumes. To convert and go to the store, we spend budgets on Facebook where the click rate is higher,” says Maël Boyer, local communication manager at Parabellum.

On the other hand, the strategies that will be developed quickly will be limited to these platforms: “It allows either maximizing fame or betting on turnover. If we have a margin issue or the goal is to free up stocks the platforms don’t allow you to see much of it,” Arthur d’Arcana regrets. So you have to be smart: “In the bicycle market, I will try to put advertising pressure on bulky products that are too expensive to stock” in the bicycle market, the specialist explains.

Not all brands have large budgets, and therefore this will affect their line of work. Paul Diowo from Arkheus sums up “If our budget is limited to 2 or 3000 euros, we pick specific levers, and if we have several thousand euros, we hit the grids.”

Join option

“In a period when you have to show up, affiliation is a good strategy,” says Arkheus CEO. Affiliate is the aggregation of several factors such as offer, influencers or cashback. Paul Diowo from Arkheus says: “On our platform, our 4,000 connected partners relay our campaigns and are paid when a sale is made. In research, we don’t know the tangible result, while with Affiliate, we only pay if the sale is validated. We can. Choose target profiles, include or exclude comparisons or cashback according to the brand’s brief. The account manager is responsible for recruiting associates.

Play online alternately offline

For omnichannel retailers, the challenge is also getting people into the store and adopting a warehousing strategy. “It’s interesting when you can tell a story to bring customers into the store through a customized offer sent by SMS, targeting or email,” suggests Sylvain Borcheret of Parabellum. The customer has to have an experience, and you have to create magic in this time and for That the physical store would be important.” Parabellum offers its customers digital calendars with one view per day that encourages them to come back every day. “But the digital calendar has to be in the store so the customer can find consistency,” continues Sylvain Borcheret. Arthur d’Ivoire Darcan concludes that “while budgets are being exhausted, the smallest euro invested must have an effect”.

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