Impact of iOS 15 on Relationship Marketing

The mobile phone is the first station to open email. At the end of 2020, 59% of them were unlocked on the phone, including 66% on the iPhone. In this sense, email marketing is an essential communication lever for businesses, allowing them to send bulk messages to their audience with just a few clicks. However, iOS 15 brought about significant changes in the world of email marketing. Released by Apple on September 20, this update transforms user privacy protection devices. In its latest white paper, Relatia, a French specialist in relationship marketing and E-CRM solutions, highlights the impact of iOS 15 on relationship marketing and existing solutions to continue to leverage this lever.

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Tips to continue profiting from email marketing

iOS 15 allows users to better control the use of their personal data, particularly thanks to Apple’s Mail privacy protection. With this feature, web beacons, which collect information about a user when they open an email, such as their location or IP address, can no longer be used. Despite opting out of Apple Mail Privacy Protection, more than 60% of Apple users choose to turn it on.

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This complicates the work of advertisers and marketers who rely on this data to send targeted ads to their audience. This update also prevents them from knowing if and when the sent email was opened. Relatia’s white paper will allow you to schematically understand the multiple consequences of your CRM strategy.

These many changes require rethinking many aspects of your relationship marketing operations. For example, it is necessary to review automation on the basis of openness and interest in the possibility of delivery due to responsiveness. You should also be aware of any data that is no longer available, such as the opening price. As you will discover by downloading this e-book, many additional marketing indicators can be used to measure the performance of your campaigns.

This white paper will help you learn about other factors that can be used to enhance customer relationship, such as SMS, whose read rate is close to 98%. With a simplified diagram, Relatia will reveal three more tools that allow you to reach your customers and continue to collect data through a channel other than email.

To implement an effective relationship marketing strategy, you can also rely on the five-step business plan developed by Relatia. In particular, this will help you understand how to communicate with subscribers about the use of their data. Don’t forget to download the white paper for all the valuable advice from the marketing experts!

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