How to write a newsletter in 7 steps?

Launching a personal or professional newsletter is an opportunity to stay in touch with your audience and share content with them. It is an email, sent periodically that generally transmits information to your contact list. To make this as effective as possible, there are procedures and best practices to follow. How do you create a newsletter? How do you write a good newsletter? What tool to choose to create a good newsletter? Find out everything you need to know to write the perfect newsletter.

How to make a newsletter correctly? 7 steps to follow

1- Define context and goals

Before embarking on any design, you must first know what you are getting into and why. Indeed, even if you are doing this for a commercial interest, you should first of all not do it Don’t confuse your newsletter with email marketing. People who have signed up for our newsletter have done this to receive information, news and why not the exclusive content, but not the offers. The sale is the result of the newsletter (whether subscribers are already customers or not).

If you work for a company, we can imagine that The goal of this newsletter is to retain clients and nurture potential clients to convert them. The goal, then, is to convey the company’s expertise through this newsletter. On this occasion, it will also be necessary to determine the frequency of sending the newsletter. You have to try to find a balance: Create a habit without seeming intrusive. If your field does not allow weekly news, do not force it, it is better to make fewer topics, but more relevant.

2 – What do we put in the newsletter? Define content and structure

Depending on your field of activity, the content will obviously be different. Before seeing what form the newsletter should take, it is necessary to determine what its content will be. It has been said that a newsletter usually conveys information. You can communicate it however you want, or at least in the most enjoyable way to read.

We will return to the form later. whatever, The content should be relevant and useful For the person who registered. You should try to answer the potential problems your audience is facing, in order to increase trust with the reader and become more credible in their eyes.

Sample newsletter content

To find his subjects, there are several ways. First of all, if you have already created content on your site, You can try to recycle itSummarize and work on the model Provides additional added value. This method works best if you make premium content available on your site. Since you already have your subscribers’ contact information, you can send them “lead magnet” content directly.

You can also Find issues completely independent of other content of your business. To do this, you can draw inspiration from your competitors, your audience personalities, or perform keyword research to understand your search intentions.

As for the structure, it will depend on the content but also on the layout. Anyway, it can be just a series of content without necessarily meaning, or a guide in several steps, anything is possible.

3 – Create a standard and effective layout

Then, after you know everything your newsletter will contain, you can start to put it. There are elements that must be included in the layout, such as the logo and the header.

If you don’t have designer spirit, no problem since then All newsletter creation tools offer templatesAll you have to do is customize. This is obviously the easiest and fastest solution of all. The advantage is also that most of them are drag-and-drop to make your formatting work easier.

The visual has to be pretty, but Particularly enjoyable read. It is better to bet on Something neutral and simple, allowing easy readability while being attractive and reducing graphic risk. Another important point in the picture is that you must respect the graphic charter of your company, so that the reader will absorb it well in your site.

4- Write the title of the newsletter

We have a topic of content and formatting, so we have to move on to writing. The first thing Writing is the title (subject). This is a very critical component to the success of your newsletter.

First, this is also valid for the rest of the mail, it is necessary at any cost Avoid unwanted words. These are words discovered by the apostles and considered undesirable. If this is the case, your email will go directly to the recipient’s spam, so it’s less likely to be read. Here are some junk: free, upgrade, downgrade, urgent, limited time, you won, congratulations, etc… the list is too long.

So it should be the subject of the newsletter Be attractive while respecting these forbidden words. As with SEO, the goal is to attract clicks, without lying. Headings with numbers are usually very effective: “10 reasons”, “15 ways to”, etc…

Newsletter header template
Newsletter header template

5- Write the rest of the content

For the rest of the content, you should too Avoid unwanted words To maintain access to the inbox. In addition to being relevant and useful to your audience, it is essential to stay brief. a Newsletters that are too long are rarely successful. Should Head straight to the target And remember that this is not the content that the reader “search” for.

You also have to think about customization. Adding small variable elements like the name adds a human aspect. This is also true for the worker issue.

6 – Incorporating a call to action

Even if it is necessary to avoid offers and promotions of products directly in the newsletter, it is still necessary Enter a call to action in the email. Ultimately, preferably, this call-to-action button will lead to your site. For example, as part of a newsletter newsletter, you can incorporate a call-to-action “Explore the rest of our articles”. But, if you address an issue with, say, one of your offerings, this call to action can direct you to your sales page on the site: “Our solution to…”.

In terms of shape, the button should stand out in the eyes of the readers. Feel free to use a much “stronger” color to attract as much as possible. The text should also encourage clicking, of course.

7- Distribute the newsletter

Before distributing the leaflet, it is of course necessary reread. If your email is misspelled, this may work against you in the eyes of your audience. For feedback on spelling, layout, and content, you don’t have to Feel free to send to a colleague.

Then, to distribute your newsletter, you need a tool. This will definitely be used to build it too. This is what we’ll see next.

What is the tool for creating a newsletter?

Sendinblue, create easy and free newsletters

Sendinblue It is an integrated French digital marketing platform. It is particularly known for its email functionality but in fact it allows you to work on almost all web marketing tools.

Using this tool, the file Creating a newsletter is very simple. Simply select a template (or start from scratch) and then customize it with files Drag and drop. Obviously, you can add variable elements such as name or city. It is also possible to do A/B testing to see which version of your newsletter is the best.

Create a newsletter with Sendinblue
Create a newsletter with Sendinblue

With their free version, you can Start creating and sending your newsletter for free.

GetResponse, the very complete solution for a successful newsletter

get a reply It is another interesting solution to create newsletters for free. with the Many templates available, you will necessarily find the style of the newsletter that works for you. Here, too, the editor works by dragging and dropping.

GetResponse tool for creating newsletters
GetResponse tool for creating newsletters

In addition to creating newsletters, GetResponse offers many features such as marketing automation, creating sales funnels, landing pages, and much more.

MailerLite, the drag and drop editor to create a great newsletter

To create newsletters or marketing emails, we also recommend using the tool Miller Lite. In terms of newsletters, they have very interesting advanced features. Indeed it is possibleEdit newsletters in drag and drop or in HTML format. Moreover, you will be able Integrate e-commerce blocks, interactive blocks, and surveys into your newslettersand other dynamic content.

MailerLite: Newsletter Builder
MailerLite: Newsletter Builder

Like the other two tools we’ve seen, MailerLite offers you a free plan, limited to 1,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month.

Now you know what procedure to follow and what tools to use to create the perfect newsletter. If you have any other newsletter creation tips or platforms to add, feel free to share them in the comments or on our social media.

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