Green Crypto Signs Deal with Amazon

a Great news for The platform that specializes in negotiating carbon credits has announced a partnership with online distribution giant: Amazon. A new agreement bodes well for the environmental platform, especially since its ICO is a real success with more than $5.4 million in chips Already distributed.

platform An ultimate revolution in online shopping is taking place thanks to the system of partnerships with brands. will provide the general public with a buying platform, which will allow any user to purchase products or services of all registered trademarks as a partner with Once the transaction is completed, the brand then agrees to return a percentage of the transaction to the buyer.

How does this shopping platform work? helps users offset their carbon footprint When shopping online using a specialized shopping platform.

Not all details regarding this platform have been disclosed to the public yet., but at first glance it should be a widget on the site (or on a mobile app) which will contain a list of all partner online stores. All you have to do is select the online store, or maybe even an online product, to be then redirected to the store in order to finalize your transaction.

Every time a user of the IMPT ecosystem buys a product from an online store registered as a partner, The retailer returns a small percentage of the transaction to the user with the value of the IMPT tokens. Thus the user can accumulate these tokens to convert them to carbon credits once the necessary amount is reached. He will therefore receive an NFT corresponding to the value of his carbon credit. The user can then dispose of the NFT to sell, retain, or convert it into environmental actions.

Operation of the affiliate shopping platform described in the white paper:

Operating the shopping platform

Each partner freely decides what percentage of the transaction is assigned to the user. The platform speaks his white paper at 2%, but it is very likely that many brands will offer a much higher rate.

It does not cost the buyer a penny because the commission is paid exclusively by the seller. It is also possible to take advantage of the discount, since some retailers sometimes offer a discount on the purchase of products or services.

Niche market to promote IMPT platform!

With this online shopping platform, is really positioned in a niche market. Thus every customer can work for the environment and contribute to reducing their carbon footprint without paying a single penny.

According to a study conducted by the audit firm KPMGIn 2021, US consumers spent more than $532 a month at groceries. A very large sum and the platform assumes that if only 2% of that amount is donated by retailers, this should represent a total amount of $10 per month that users should be able to use to offset their carbon emissions.

More than 25,000 brands are already included!

The platform claims that More than 25,000 brands You have already taken the step by signing up for the platform’s affiliate program. Among all these brands, there are of course the leaders of online distribution, such as video game distributor GameStop, Calzedonia, Bodega, e-learning platform Udemy and many other suppliers located in various industries. platform claims that Its partner network must continue to grow At a significant rate (more than 20% per month according to the company’s website for the platform).

Social Platform: Powerful Marketing Vector for! is often compared to Solarquin. However, the two platforms are by no means identical. The marketing published by the team responsible for developing the IMPT virtual currency is a perfect example of this. In particular, it is planned to integrate a social platform in order to monitor the environmental performance of each brand. This platform should display the environmental score of each brand registered on the platform, certainly using a social media sharing tool.

More than $5.4 million has already been raised with

This new partnership is great news For the future development of the platform. The first phase of the initial public coin offering, which has been running since October 3, 2022, has been a real success with Over $5.4 Million Subscribers More than half of the tokens for sale have already subscribed to the primary market.

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