Email is still and always the first channel of communication

What do you think about doing the most profitable digital marketing? social networks ? SMS?
Well, no, it’s still always about emailing!

Since its inception, email has remained the online communication channel with the best return on investment. It is an easy to use, inexpensive and very practical solution. It is easy to implement and significantly time-saving compared to direct mail for example.

Some may think that SMS marketing campaigns are easier to set up. However, due to its intrusion, SMS is defined by precise rules. Commercial SMS is prohibited between 8pm and 10am, on Sundays and public holidays, which is not the case for emails. In addition, the prices for sending SMS are much higher.

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So it is easier for a company to choose email marketing, which is a lever measured by many statistical indicators. Everything is quantifiable, and it’s easy to optimize your campaigns. The return on investment is calculated instantly reliably.

Email is also a powerful communication channel, it is 40 times more efficient than Facebook and Twitter in terms of acquiring new customers. Emails can be customized according to customers, for example birthday emails, which will mention the first name of the interested party.

The average email open rate is close to 50%. Studies show that more than 80% of French people believe that e-mail will be the preferred method of communication within 10 years.

However, one can point out that email does not touch the entire population. In fact, teens rarely check their emails, because they are more active on social networks like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. They communicate mainly through social networks.

But this is not a real limitation, because these same teens can only be descriptors, rarely decision makers and even less buyers (due to limited purchasing power and are subject to parental decision). Email campaigns are not intended for them. So the email will affect their parents. By becoming a student and then entering into working life, they will then have the use of email. It is an essential tool in the world of work, and from a certain age, they will therefore have to check their email inboxes more often and be more vulnerable to email campaigns.

So email is far from fashionable. This lever is still very relevant. Email allows access to a large number of contacts at the same time. Unlike social networks, email has a longer life, it is not ephemeral posts that disappear after a short time.
Email is a rich and long lasting channel.

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