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Who says email campaign says continue. Once again this year, Experian Marketing Services is reporting on its analysis* on the effectiveness of companies in this area. First observation: overall email performance remained the same in 2015 as it was in 2014, with contradictory results by indicator and by sectors of activity.

Let’s first look at the percentage of unsuccessful emails. This remained true in 2015, with 3.36% of new arrivals to France (1.92% in Spain and 2.29% in Germany). It is considered that less than a 5% rate, the database is intact. If the overall NPAI rate remains below this limit, it appears that the public market rate, BtoB and, to a lesser extent, welfare, exceeds 5% (see table) … a sign that there are still efforts to be made by companies in this sector to improve The quality of their contact databases.

On the other hand, we note that the opening rates are slightly lower compared to the study published last year. However, the opening rates recorded in France are still higher than those recorded in Spain and Germany. As for ripple rates, they remained contained at 0.15%, roughly the same level as last year.

“Many of our customers believe that deliverability is a responsibility of their email routing provider. They are surprised when they have a major delivery problem and need to find solutions as soon as possible to avoid losing significant revenue. Our role is to support them, but often they have to wonder about established marketing practices that are no longer up to date”, asserts Marius Bauer, Head of Delivery at Experian Marketing Services Germany who also predicts: “In the future, ISPs will be more careful about IP address domain reputation and content quality. This increases the responsibility of marketing teams. , especially with regard to the quality of their targeting.”

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Distinguished dispatch times

Email senders generally prefer to send their messages on Thursdays. However, there are a few sectors that stand out: BtoB and public markets favor Tuesdays, luxury and fashion on Fridays, while the media and telemarketers are associated with Wednesdays. During the year, campaigns are carried out mainly between October and December.

* Complete study to download from this link – Methodology: Data collected from more than 1,300 large customer accounts using Experian Marketing Services email applications

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