Dropshipping and SEO: Two ways to succeed

Contrary to what some dream merchants might think, dropshipping is a tough business. Natural references can help you find a place.

27% of online retailers are now in dropship, according to ecommerce platforms. But, if thousands of shops pop up every year, dropshipping is far from being the goose that lays the golden eggs as many ads and YouTubers, who specialize in e-commerce, praise it. This legal practice is a tough market. As a reminder, with dropshipping, the supplier takes care of order preparation, product shipping as well as any after-sales service. He sets his own margin, on average from 20 to 40%. The dropshipper markets the supplier’s products on its part.

In addition to paid ads, or product placements, SEO can be a very interesting acquisition lever for a dropshipper. In order to be effective, keyword research can borrow in particular from strategies related to affiliate marketing.

Choose a niche

Dropshipping is similar to affiliate marketing, in that finding a niche market for rare and popular products, with the right supplier, is essential for keyword research. “General e-commerce is saturated, and the remaining market shares can be taken into a niche market,” says Laurent Cattelain, director and dropshipping expert at Agency 88.

Specialized research can take the form of a product family that meets a specific demand. Currently, for example, organic products are doing well in France. Environmental awareness has made it possible to develop products related to food or clothing, for example. Recycled products are also in demand, especially by businesses. Once the right niche is chosen, two main trends emerge among the interviewed dropouts, in order to find the right keywords.

Tiktok and ephemeral approach

In the face of the e-commerce giants, some shoppers prefer temporary placement of keywords. Often this is to identify popular products, which have not yet been placed in the SERPs. “La Redout, eBay, Rakuten… ‘Big’ Arrive Later on Google,” Slips Fabian Rakodel, SEO Consultant. “Dropshippers have time to do something to get to the top of the SERP on query regarding new product. They sell very quickly because they know they will be eaten up over time.”

In this small game, one marketing channel is currently standing out: Tiktok. It has the greatest potential, ahead of influencers, SMS and Youtube, according to eCommerceFuel. “Tiktok’s search engine shows the latest videos that have had a lot of views. These highlight successful products,” says Fabian Racodel.

Once you have selected the keyword and checked product availability from the supplier, it’s time to produce content. Tiktok’s potential can continue to be exploited. “It is possible to quickly create a forum on it. For example, by drawing inspiration or slightly editing videos from the United States to remain legal. After 1,000 fans of professional accounts, we can add a link in their bio to the store. Success starts like that. So It is a matter of posting regularly about it.”

To allow this content to be placed on Google, it is interesting, according to Fabien Raquidel, to automatically copy new products and video to a WordPress site, for example. “On the generated page, all you have to do is write a few keyword-optimized sentences, which are also in H1 and H2 for example. If the product is not yet in the SERPs, Google will position the page well because according to him, writing a few Forum keywords using the anchor keyword can be enough to link the Internet to a product that aims to appear “ephemeral” on Google.

A more popular sustainable approach to SEO

There are also single product sites out there that don’t care much about the SEO part. “They operate under Shopify, with Aliexpress/Oberlo, and only aim to attract users through a social media post, such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, and by using influencers,” explains Laurent Cattelain. However, for the latter, the SEO process of dropshipping has to be done in depth. The goal: to permanently position itself in the first positions. “Optimizing site pages and products with well-chosen keywords makes it easy to get up to the SERPs,” he says.

To discover which keywords there is a market for and to determine your positioning, “semantic and classic SEO tools can be used. Semrush or Majestic allow you to perform semantic analysis to direct SEO content to be written on a blog or e-commerce site. It also recommends the use of the long tail. On For example, use “men’s round black jacket” instead of “men’s jacket.” Objective: to target qualified visitors, even if they are fewer.

At the product sheet level, it is advised to modify and improve the title, description and keyword, in order to stand out from the competition. Similar to Affiliate, the Amazon product listing, for example, is the same for the entire Amazon Partner Program. This is because the product feed provider sends an XML or CSV file that is the same for all of its vendors. Then, according to him, Netlinking will put the page in the SERPs in the long run. “Once the position is acquired, the SEO budget can be reduced in order to maintain only the positions obtained.”

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