12 Tips for Sending Successful Business Emails

In email, depending on whether you are addressing a B2C or B2B target, the method, discourse, and content cannot be the same. It is no secret that it is necessary to adapt your communication to your goal to better communicate the message, regardless of your field of activity.

I subscribed for this article, we will go over all the steps to consider to properly process your B2B goal and have a successful email campaign.


Email targeting is probably the first thing you need to pay attention to when sending B2B emails.

In fact, mass mailing should be avoided in case of prospecting among professionals. It is essential to send targeted emails whose content is adapted to the recipient, both in terms of form and suggestion.

Thus, segmenting the recipient bases is the first step that must be performed to sort your contacts according to objective criteria, which will be used to implement accurate targeting.

The whole thing is to make sure that every recipient will receive content that is likely to be interesting to them.


This of course is what will or will not trigger your email to open. From a length standpoint, we find that a long object works better in B2B than a short object: try 5-10 words max.

Another tip that seems to work well in a professional context: Don’t capitalize on the beginning of the subject line. This is intended to simulate an email sent by a real person and not by a company in the process of checking votes.

Of course, this last trick is not really compatible with sending newsletters but with individual emails.

The sender’s name

To be able to convince a professional recipient to open your campaign, the sender name you choose will be critical. The idea is to give the impression that a real person sent the email.

Thus, the ideal option is to use the first and last name of a real person in your company. Either the name of your contact person (the person who generally sends out newsletters), or the name of the salesperson who will receive the responses.

It is possible with a professional email solution to customize the name and address of the sender according to the recipient. In particular, this makes it possible to change the name of the salesperson who sends the email automatically according to the contact who receives the email, in order to assign the right salesperson to the right contact.

Reply title

One of the biggest mistakes in sending email is not configuring a functional reply address, especially in B2B, where the exchange is necessary to create a business dialogue.

Oftentimes, ‘do not reply’ is used to avoid overloading sender mailboxes during group messaging. But with proper targeting, this problem doesn’t exist, and it is necessary to set up an existing reply address to which someone will respond.

This is the first step towards constructive exchange that can lead to conversion.


As you may have noticed, most of the tips previously mentioned are mainly aimed at enhancing the feeling of closeness between you and the recipient.

To stay in this continuity, you should customize your campaign as completely as possible. Surname, first name, surname, occupation, sector of activity … Try to prove to the recipient that you know him by adding alternative fields in the body of your message.

With an email marketing solution, you can assign information to each of your contacts to automatically promote certain elements of your email.

This way, each recipient receives a unique email, which increases the likelihood that they will reply back to you and start a conversation.

the shape

In B2B, it is more relevant to sending a message that is as similar as possible to an email written from a “classic” mailbox such as Outlook or Gmail.

Newsletter-type graphic emails have less impact because they feel more like advertising and mass mailing. However, in a corporate relationship, it is important to create a feeling of closeness and to show the recipient that they are unique.

It is then more appropriate to create a text email that appears to have been written by one of your salespeople.

But this is especially valid for mining emails. For a B2B newsletter, you should create a graphic design that reflects your brand personality, that highlights your expertise thanks to elements of reassurance and is not too aggressive.

Do not forget to always leave a phone number where your contacts can reach you in order to start a business relationship as soon as possible.


B2B emails for prospecting should go straight to the point. There is nothing more annoying than a professional being questioned under the impression that we are trying to deceive him.

Don’t beat around the bush and quickly let him know your offer by highlighting a need he can satisfy.

Also, never forget to include your signature containing all the contact details of your contact in order to allow, again, the exchange as soon as possible.

We have already written an article where you will find a B2B email example to get more ideas on how to write a professional prospecting email.


Today, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) account for about 50%* of B2B email slots. If the slots from a computer are still in the majority, then this large share cannot be neglected, hence the need to create a responsive design email, even for a professional purpose.

In 2017, creating a responsive email is no longer complicated. Professional email solutions provide email editors that automatically adapt designs for mobile reading.

If the need to respond is not something new, it is increasing and many companies are still lagging behind in this regard. So take the time to verify that your email is readable on a smartphone by sending you tests.

* SNCD Study – EMA 2016


During business-to-business prospecting campaigns, the tone of email is generally very sober. We talk to each other among adults who have a job to do, and no one wants to be fooled.

But depending on the fields and the profession of the recipient, it is sometimes interesting to try less traditional approaches. Communication or community management professionals, for example, are accustomed to interchange in a more relaxed manner than a salesperson with a potential prospect.

If these behaviors sound a bit trite, they are nonetheless very important to the importance of knowing the recipient well.

You are not required to be cheerful at the first contact with the communicator, but always try to adapt the sobriety of your speech according to the profile of your interlocutor.


The relationship between professionals is not built in the same way as in B2C. The number one reason recipients open a B2B email is because they want to learn about a topic. Taking advantage of promotions is the last reason for opening.

From this note, there is no point in determining that friendliness is necessary to make a connection during a prospecting email.

He then clearly begins his letter with “Hello Mr.Dupont” and ends with the classic “Cordially”.

However, since professional relationships form fairly quickly once two people start working together, it’s not uncommon for you to call the person you’re talking to by their first name after only a few exchanges. It’s all about finding the right time!

the moment

It is often said that there are better times to be open for emails, such as Tuesday or Thursday mornings. In fact, if there are many times when B2B campaigns are not recommended (evenings, nights, weekends…), we can’t really count on the day and time of sending the ideals.

Every business is subject to different, immutable rules. The only way to find the best time to send a campaign is to simply test and compare.

Email solutions typically offer sending A/B tests to compare the results of two emails that either have different content or are sent at different times.

Thus, it is up to you to find the moment when the recipients are most receptive to your mails.

Choose your email solution

Finally, it is of course essential to select a professional email solution that meets your needs. Multichannel solutions like Sarbacane enable automated email and SMS campaign scenarios to be managed.

The benefit of this tool is to create scenarios that are tailored to convert leads and build customer loyalty. We can imagine welcome campaigns after subscribing to a newsletter, sending birthday emails automatically or even sending promotional codes after a certain action on the part of the potential customer.

The solutions on the market today can easily communicate with most major CRMs, allowing email scenarios to be triggered based on any behavior on the part of the prospect or customer.

Finally, a solution like Sarbacane is ideal for collecting leads because it allows you to create contact forms for integration on your website and send subscribers directly to lists associated with marketing scenarios.

Article by Roman Kochi, Sarbacane Software’s Marketing Officer.

“As a Marketing Officer and Community Manager at Sarbacane Software, I write primarily about email and web marketing, in order to assist small and medium businesses with their digital strategies.”

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