▷ What types of content should you absolutely share with your social network subscribers?

Remember that social networks are not limited to posting links to articles. Your followers want more and more! So what types of content should you post on social media to create real connections and lasting relationships with your followers?

suggestive quote

Quotes are effective and persuasive because people are drawn to short, but meaningful, relevant, and engaging content. When you include quotes as part of your social media strategy, you are frequently communicating different aspects of your brand. This will attract targeted customers to grow your community while increasing the knowledge factor, admiration and trust with your audience.

Blog Posts

Your own content is the best way to increase your audience! Cross-promoting your content on social media can help drive traffic to your blog. But beware, if you are spreading the same message to all of your networks, you will miss out on opportunities for awareness and engagement. So adapt your posts to each network and audience. In most cases, you don’t have to make major changes: a slightly different approach can dramatically improve your results.

short videos

Share a short video on YouTube with a quick tip. Video content generally works better with most algorithms because it grabs the viewer’s attention for longer. Not only does video get more engagement than other types of content, but it usually lasts longer. It’s also a more personal way to interact with your audience.

Challenges (hashtag)

A number of social media channels have been inundated with online challenges, especially since 2020 with the global health crisis. Social media challenges, with hashtag challenges in particular, have since become a marketing strategy for creating content, engaging users, and increasing followers.


Polls and focus groups are effective content for collecting feedback. In fact, social media offers businesses a goldmine of instant customer feedback. Social data provides real feedback on your products and services to improve customer experience.

Content Archive

Republish popular content with new images. In addition to saving time and effort when creating content, recycling old content offers several competitive advantages, including increased efficiency, better SEO, and better audience targeting. Every time you re-share content on social media, it leads to more traffic.

Online trainings and seminars

Using the power of social media to promote your webinar is a great way to attract attendees to existing members of your network. It is also an effective technique for finding new customers who are not yet online.

Epic content

Epic content has the power to change the lives of your readers by inspiring them to take action and achieve a specific outcome. The impact this content has on readers is exactly what makes it epic. All epic content has one thing in common: it evokes similar feelings in a large number of people. The fact that epic content gives readers insight into useful and emotional information is what makes people want to share it. So pick a popular topic and write a long and detailed article about it.

Announcements (events, special offers, etc.)

Notify readers of upcoming events or special offers. Social media allows you to interact with your audience in creative ways, which leads to increased traffic and an improved experience. But remember that your social media effectiveness strategy will engage you Connect with your followers before, during and after the event.

case studies

Share your personal stories or customer success stories. Crafting a compelling business case is one of the most powerful strategies for attracting potential clients or clients. Your potential customers are constantly bombarded with white papers, e-books, 10-step guides, newsletters, and obnoxious noise. To get potential customers’ attention, show the value of your product or service, and don’t just talk about it.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. To learn more about it, take a look at this Certified Online Marketing Training With the Social Media Strategy Module.

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