▷ sound, a new marketing opportunity for businesses?

Marketing strategies are constantly evolving and multiplying to adapt to the demands of an increasingly demanding market. Audio is among the popular and increasingly used content formats. This format has become a popular communication medium that makes it possible to offer customers a different audio experience. Let’s decipher this marketing trend and especially this new opportunity to seize improving your digital marketing strategy…

Proper marketing, a constantly renewed trend

While proper marketing has been around for a long time, in recent years, including those marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and long periods of confinement, consumer habits have changed. Today, about 76% have adopted audio content on a daily basis. Among this content is the podcast, which is now a primary marketing channel on all media.

Indeed, the radio tradition continues and the fact of being able to listen to it online helps to attract all age groups and all listeners, regardless of their sector of activity. According to surveys conducted by Sortlist in France in 2021, more than 90% of people who answered questions say they listen to audio content, mainly on radio and followed by podcasts. This interest results from the fact that they can be listened to at any time without having to suspend professions to watch them as with a video for example.

Evidence: More than half of the time listeners spend listening to radio takes place in transportation or on the go. Still according to the sort list:

  • Just under 30% prefer content related to their hobbies and other hobbies;
  • Only 10% are interested in content related to their professional activities.
  • If they contain recommendations of a product or service, the conversion rate can go up to about 79%, which indicates that listeners are more interested in audio ads, which are easier for them to understand.
Sound, a new marketing opportunity for businesses?

Various Voice Marketing Options

In the face of increasingly difficult competition, companies need to adapt their marketing strategies to an ever larger and more demanding target audience. Voice marketing or sound marketing will help solidify their reputation through various processes, such as:

  • voices;
  • Sound effects;
  • Some of the music.

Podcasts are a real opportunity to learn about consumers or to keep them in check.


With confinement, many marketers decided to launch their first podcast and it literally exploded! More than 900,000 were born in 2020. In 2021, several million are identified. These digital audio contents are attractive due to their practicality and versatility. For a company that wants to ride this trend, podcasts are an excellent way to publicize a product or service, and to answer customer questions about one. It allows you to build a bond of trust with those who follow you.

original podcast

There are different types of podcasts that can be used to introduce you to the general public, starting with the original online broadcast podcast. Since it is not subject to compliance with a time limit, as it is for radio broadcasts, it can adapt to all formats and all styles. As part of the marketing strategy, he can adopt a tone that will be the hallmark of the company, whatever the subject matter.

The original podcast makes it possible to go above and beyond to meet listeners. If they are satisfied, they will naturally talk about it on their favorite social networks and form a community, making them the best ambassadors to represent a brand.

Moreover, a podcast can be standalone as it can be part of a specialized production house. This not only provides podcasts that they have created themselves, but also those that others have designed to be repackaged under the same banner in order to improve their visibility and expand their audience.


Replay podcast is also called catch-up radio. As its name suggests, it allows the listener to re-listen to a program that they may have missed when it was broadcast or would like to hear it again for one reason or another. It is commonly used by radio stations so that its broadcasts are accessible to listeners at all times.

Radio podcasts aren’t the only audio marketing option. In fact, the proliferation of distribution channels remains the best solution to address a more diverse audience who is more likely to become customers. To do this, meeting satisfied customers, collecting testimonials from loyal users and incorporating them into website content helps attract future prospects. The goal is to inspire them to join the list of those who trusted him and push them to act, according to Elmo Lewis’ conversion rate principles.

Live audio or social audio

It is impossible to ignore the importance of social networks today. It is an integral part of our daily lives and is one of the main favorite means of communication for all generations, a habit that has become more entrenched during the pandemic. A company that wants to position itself in the face of increasingly innovative competition must know how to navigate trends without losing its identity. Using Facebook Live Audio allows him to introduce himself, and share upcoming projects or products that will be marketed soon. It is also an opportunity for the company to speak with its subscribers, to answer their questions, and to allay their concerns if any. In this category, she can choose to use the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is privately accessible by invitation only and on iOS devices only. In addition, unlike social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, written messages and comments are not given priority. Guests create private discussion rooms, with a limited number of participants. To avoid violations, moderators are responsible for regulating speaking times and allowing different participants to express themselves. Although it is not open to everyone, Clubhouse is starting to impose itself on users, especially since by invoking well-known influencers, it piques the interest of youngsters.


More and more brands are playing on consumer sentiment. Music is one of the most effective communication channels. Everyone knows that tune that stays stuck in their heads all day, the song that we sing without intentionally doing it and that we instantly blend into something or a brand that has become legendary.

Playlist is one of the decades proven voice marketing strategies. Proper marketing must above all convey the brand image of the company. It should highlight its values. Creating a brand playlist requires sharp musical skills, but also a thorough knowledge of human psychology. It makes it possible to attract new customers and strengthen the bonds between the brand and those who are already loyal to it.

In terms of music ads, companies have the option of music streaming platforms like Spotify, which can be downloaded for free on smartphones, thus enhancing listeners’ mobility. You should know that at the beginning of 2021, it had more than 199 million listeners who had not signed up, which means they could hear ads for the duration of their listening. So these millions of people are the same number of potential customers.

Other media are used by companies to implement their digital marketing strategy. This is the case for example when someone places a call to customer service. While she waits, music plays. The same is true when forwarding her to another service, or if she has to leave a message on the answering machine.

Who should be entrusted with developing a sound marketing strategy?

The implementation of a sound marketing strategy should be entrusted to professionals in this field. For those who want to become sound designers, training is available. Thus, it is possible to pursue two-year studies sanctioned with a Certificate in Audio Professions. To obtain a Higher Diploma in Audio Professions or a Master’s Degree in Audio Production, it will be necessary to pursue 5 years of training, in a design option within an art school, among others.

Thus, a sound designer as it may also be called is responsible for creating the sound or acoustic environment for a show or store. Proper marketing also requires the intervention of a content writer who writes interviews and podcast scripts according to the needs of the company and the direction they want to provide for their content. It may be advertising, information or advice relating to the company’s products or services. It can also be fun and interesting to listen to.

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