▷ SEA trends in 2022 to know exactly!

SEA (short for Search Engine Advertising) or Paid Referral aims to improve your site’s position on the first pages of search engine results and increase traffic there. This marketing strategy also aims to determine the visibility and bad reputation of your brand or brand. But changes have been made by Google for 2022 regarding digital ads…

Google ads to boost your advertising campaign

About 7 billion queries are made daily on Google: this is the searches made by 93% of Internet users. They make up an incredible number of future customers to gain and retain. To do this, purchasing advertising space on the Google Ads platform is one of the solutions available to you. Thus you will be able to see your ad links appear on the first pages of results, with the difference that they will be accompanied by the reference to “sponsored ad”.

But to be able to stand up to the competition, it is important to bid on keywords that are in demand by internet users. To ensure the sustainability of your site’s placement on the results pages, you should associate SEA with SEO. The latter is time consuming, but complements the former.

Strategic Environmental Assessment and New Directions for 2022

SEA is the ideal approach for companies that want to make themselves known as quickly as possible, or those who want to test Internet users’ interest in a new product or service that will soon be marketed. It can also be prepared at certain times of the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or summer for example.

Strengthening the protection of personal data, a priority

For 2022, Google focused on protecting the personal data of Internet users so that it does not conflict with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The latter was reinforced in April 2021 after it came into effect on May 25, 2018. The penalties for non-compliance with the GDPR can be very severe.

Google, for example, had to pay 150 million euros. You should know that 3 control points are prioritized by the watchdog CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties), i.e. unsolicited commercial mining whether by fax, e-mail or telephone, and the use of tools to monitor people in remote work by employers as far as What this may violate the privacy of employees and the use of cloud computing.

The transfer of data to countries outside the European Union may be subject to security problems or different rules, exposing the personal data of Internet users to misuse. It is therefore essential that websites ensure that the personal data of their users is protected, that they comply with the use of tracking and that they ensure the cyber security of their information.

First Party Data

Third-party cookies are gradually being abandoned in favor of first-party data in order to comply with the new regulations on the protection and confidentiality of personal data, which are becoming more stringent. This first party data only provides you with access to information available to your company.

Not recognized by brands that do not use all possibilities, they nevertheless allow you to establish a trusting relationship with customers, thanks to a more personalized approach. Indeed, by integrating it with Google Ads, you will be able to develop a more targeted marketing strategy, but also favorable for retargeting.

According to studies conducted in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, the results obtained by companies using proprietary data indicate that their revenues increased by 2.9 times and their expenses decreased by 1.5 times.

Gradually automate the advertising campaigns encouraged by Google

Among the SEA trends for 2022, the automation of advertising campaigns is strongly encouraged by Google. The search engine already offers many automation mechanisms. Dynamic Search Ads or Dynamic Search Ads have the advantage of creating ads by targeting your landing pages directly, increasing your conversion rate for your customers.

RSA Responsive Advertising is also part of the tools used in the context of paid referral. Google now requires that among the ads in the group, one of the RSAs is redirected. In order to adapt them to the different profiles of Internet users, Google’s machine learning changes the formats to determine which ones generate the highest conversion rate. In this context, adding ad extensions allows Internet users to directly access advertisements that correspond to them thanks to the additional information and sitelinks added to them.

So, since June 2022, Google has ended the possibility for digital marketers to produce text ads with the goal of evolving at the same time that Internet users raise their inquiries. In this context, Google prefers automation. Josh Colbeck published his 2019 A/B test results at Econsultancy showing that expanded text ads were not as effective as RSAs.

So automating Google Ads campaigns is inevitable. Replacing RSAs with ETAs led to Google promoting Google Performance Max. As its name suggests, the goal of this campaign is to allow advertisers to use only one campaign, rather than having to go through the entire Google Ad inventory before finding the campaign that performs optimally.

More accurate analytics for higher performance

In terms of performance, advertisers don’t necessarily have the tools to measure it. However, results analyzes are necessary to know the market trends, but also to know whether the product or service offered in the market is competitive compared to the competition.

This information can be obtained from the Google Merchant Center via the Statistics page. Going forward, more advanced features have been added so that advertisers can get statistics on current topics that interest Internet users, about trends in various fields, whether in the fashion sector, technology or a niche product that can lead them to buy.

Acquiring this data is necessary to reset the ad content to improve the conversion rate, taking into account the browsing behavior of potential customers.

From Trueview campaigns to action video campaigns

Youtube is one of the social media that attracts an increasing number of visitors. Internet users spend more than a billion hours watching videos every day. Undeniable numbers in France, where nearly 64 million monthly users visit YouTube every day. They can then watch product images appear on the advertising videos they watch. These are TrueView Shopping campaigns that aim to get visitors to buy.

Note that since April 25, 2022, with the automation commitment imposed by Google, they are automatically converted into video campaigns for action, a format that e-merchants appreciate due to the recorded performance. Nearly 80% of people who watch videos on Youtube say they gave in to the temptation to buy after seeing an ad there.

By countering the highly diverse behavior of consumers, SEA continues to evolve and readapt to always achieve optimal performance.. But for advertisers, maintaining constant monitoring is essential so that they can respond in time to the changes that are regularly made to Google Ads.

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