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Becoming a community manager is one of the future professions on the Internet with the goal of creating a community of Internet users with similar interests. He will be responsible for activating it to build loyalty and improve the vision of the character or company that arouses this interest…but what training must be followed to become a community manager? In which companies do you apply? What is the salary or rate of CM?

Becoming a good manager of society cannot be improvised. It requires many skills that allow him to stand out for a brand, service or personality on various social networks. He is required to ensure that his image with the general public is maintained and he is responsible for establishing links with the members of this community, to better build their loyalty. So he is a key player in executing the company’s digital marketing strategy.

Within this virtual community, the community manager is responsible for developing the corporate or product communication strategy, both internally and externally, taking into account the objective and objectives to be achieved. He must be able to interpret the results in order to adapt the strategy to the development of events.

It also takes care of:

  • creation of editorial content and video clips;
  • facilitate conversations;
  • Restart it if necessary.

Establishing a dialogue with Internet users is imperative, as it helps to establish a relationship of trust between the main parties. It is a way of understanding their expectations and recognizing the need.

He can also suggest topics for discussion, as he will be a moderator, but also a participant. He will edit the feedback and ensure that the comments made do not tarnish the company’s brand image. By ensuring members’ loyalty, he will choose those who are worthy to receive promotions or rewards of all kinds. It can also make them participate in contests with a gift key of more or less importance to the company. To ensure that the spirit of the community is maintained and enhanced, meetings and outings can be organized.

Companies that hire a community manager are now more demanding in terms of diplomas and skills for young recruits. They can pursue specific post-baccalaureate training such as Bac+2, BTS in communication.

But today, the competition is becoming more and more difficult, companies are turning much more towards candidates with BA + 3 in Multimedia and GOAL Online Business, knowing that the job will be exercised mainly in this field. Those with a BUT Information-Communication or Diploma in Business Development and Digital Marketing issued at a school that offers a Bachelor’s program in E-Business and Marketing also have a great advantage.

Also in the context of training, companies may require the employment of a candidate at a higher level:

  • Baccalaureate + 4 accredited Postgraduate Diploma in International Management under a global BBA programme. This diploma allows students to obtain a state-accredited certificate. At the end of the course in 70 business schools located in France, they can occupy the position of a manager in the commercial field, as well as in human resources and, of course, the position of community manager.
  • a Certified Online Marketing Training perfectly with a Social Media Strategy Component.

The list is not exhaustive, but it does allow future community managers to find training that interests them. Upon leaving, they should be able to master new communication techniques, including:

  • social networks;
  • blogging;
  • forums.

They should also be able to use community management tools effectively, in particular to:

  • quickly create content;
  • One-click program content;
  • Focus your watch in the same place.

Very practical, it saves real time in the daily management of social networks.

In which companies do you apply?

The position of community manager can be found in communication agencies, advertising agencies or even well-known companies that operate solely on the Internet and therefore need to attract Internet users to their sites and encourage them to become more interested in their products or services.

According to numbers published by Diplomeo.com:

  • 22% of very small businesses (VSEs) use the services of community managers;
  • 20% work for ETI (medium-sized companies);
  • 51% of them work in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

They usually work alone in these small companies. It is rare for large companies to order it, since only 7% work there.

Salary varies depending on the development of the employee’s status or experience within the company he works for. It should be borne in mind that they generally get better wages in big cities than in small ones.

As an indication, a CM starting in 2022 can earn between 1600 and 2000 euros in total per month. The price of a full-time community manager, with solid experience in digital marketing, costs an average of €3,000 per month, if an independent community manager bills his tasks by the day or at the flat rate.

His position can also evolve within the company. He could gradually reach the position of a social media manager or strategist, and would oversee a team of community managers if he had several under his responsibility.

For a long time it has been vilified, this position is now being reconsidered by companies who now understand the importance of imposing their brand on the most demanding and informed customers. The Community Manager is essential to revitalize the company’s activities and strengthen the bonds between members of the community built around the brand.

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