▷ 7 Steps to Create an Effective Sales Funnel on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world with 2.935 billion monthly active users, despite a slight decline at the end of 2021. It remains one of the main springboards for corporate sales today, provided they master the puzzles and understand the concept of the sales funnel, so that we can then use it On Facebook…

1- Understand the concept of sales funnel

Sales funnel or sales funnel in English is the journey of a potential customer before he becomes a customer. Schematically, the concept is represented by an inverted pyramid that symbolizes the various stages a consumer goes through until deciding to make a purchase.

Awareness or discovery stage

A consumer will not buy something or a service that he knows nothing about. In order for him to decide to make the decision, you have to present it to your company, and entice him with different means. The goal at this level is to encourage him to take an interest in your brand. This is the stage of awareness.

Attention or attention stage

The level of interest or interest is where the consumer perceives the existence of your business. He starts to take an interest in your brand and your offerings. But it can still be superficial if you don’t invite him to go any further. To do this, I advise him, accompany him throughout his journey, so as to be a leader.

decision or decision stage

The next level is resolution. At this point, the potential customer is no longer just an observer or curious: he is ready to invest in a purchase. But so that there is no hesitation, make him an offer that will be most beneficial to him, knowing that he will previously compare your offer with the offers of the competition. In order for him to sink, give him a little attention that will make the potential client. It can be free delivery, good merchandise, or a promotional code for future purchases.

the event

The last step is the action step. After you are satisfied with the quality of your offer, the potential customer takes action by purchasing your products. But buying one is not enough for your spin. It is essential that you bring it back to your website or store. So you should continue to interest him. Ask them to test out your new products or services in a preview, or even give them discounts outside of sales or promotion periods. This will enhance his sense of belonging to your brand and, at his level, will contribute to advertising around him.

2- Building on Facebook’s strengths to build brand awareness

Understanding how the sales funnel works is essential to being able to apply it to Facebook. This social network is a major asset for companies that have the opportunity to connect with their customers, interact with them, but also to create a community around their brands and thus establish their bad reputation. Using the Facebook sales funnel makes it possible to reach a wider audience, in line with the advertising goals of the social network.

Obviously, one of the most important is to increase brand awareness, as well as push users to become buyers. Conversion rate optimization is one of the reasons why the company exists. So it is one of the goals that should not be overlooked when creating a sales funnel.

3- Define your goal and adjust your marketing strategy

Creating a Facebook sales funnel is part of developing a marketing strategy tailored to targeted user profiles. Target setting allows you to adjust your speech according to their expectations and centers of interest. You must take into account many criteria to make your choices, including their geographic origins, social and cultural habits and psychological criteria that allow you to classify your future customers according to their common traits (buying habits, or shared interests, among others).

4- Choose the right content

Choose the content that best suits your audience, bearing in mind that some have a greater impact on Facebook users than others. Stunning photos, emotion-playing videos or podcasts will touch more than just a long caption text. But it may be necessary to change the formats to appeal to different segments of users. Younger people will appreciate dynamic and fun content, while older ones will prefer more consistent and more comprehensive content. Whatever format you choose, go for creativity and clear formulas that align with different goals.

5- Test the impact of your posts on your followers

In order for the content you post to Facebook to have a real impact as part of your strategy, you must measure the temperature of your audience. By publishing multiple types of formats, you can measure their reach to different sectors. The purpose of the post is above all to generate engagement on the part of the followers and increase the conversion rate. To measure their impact, Facebook provides companies with Facebook Insighs, a tool that allows them to see the reach of their posts through graphics, but also to see what type of post gets the most reactions from Internet users, and which results in the highest conversion rate.

6- Expand the impact of your sales funnel by addressing similar audiences

The sales funnel doesn’t have to be limited to existing customers or followers. Must extend to new heights with the same interests. Addressing a similar audience, i.e. people who are interested in the same products, and have identical buying habits, is the best way to convert them into potential buyers. All you have to do is go to the Custom Audience section and click on the options corresponding to the criteria you are looking for for your Facebook sales funnel. However, to avoid spreading yourself too thin, be specific about your targeting. Narrowing down the selection criteria, based on those that align with your typical audience, will give you a better chance of achieving your conversion goals.

7- Retargeting

You should take into account the fact that your posts will not necessarily be consulted once they are published on the Internet. The goal of retargeting is to make your fans and other visitors who visited your page more interested in your posts and convert them if they haven’t made the leap yet. This retargeting is done with the Facebook pixel, which is an effective tool for identifying Internet users who visited your page without buying anything. You will then be able to display personalized ads on their favorite sites.

to conclude

Creating a sales funnel on Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers. By following these different steps, you will improve your visibility with your fans, but you will also attract new prospects that the sales funnel will convert into customers by driving them to action. By developing a super targeted funnel marketing strategy and getting a Facebook ad account, you will be able to broadcast your ad campaign sequence to your followers at a much lower cost than if you had just launched a traditional ad campaign. The process will also allow you to go through the various basic stages of the sales funnel, namely: awakening the interest of the potential customer, looking into them and converting them into a customer by driving them into action.

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