▷ 7 Effective Techniques for Collecting Recordable Email Addresses

To get started, remember that the given email address is an email address collected with the person’s consent. This entitles you to use it for specific actions. In France, only the subscription message group allows messages to be sent to individuals. A high-quality email address file forms the basis of your direct marketing, so it is essential to constantly strive to enrich it. To help you with the process, here are 7 effective techniques to boost your collection of email addresses…

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Publish a technical document

Publishing a white paper is one of the most effective ways to get subscribeable email addresses. The principle is simple: to download your white paper, the visitor will have to enter their email address.

It’s a win-win system. In exchange for their email address, you provide your Internet user with free content that provides them with useful information and high added value.

To be effective and deliver value to your customers, creating a technical document requires good writing skills. If you don’t have these skills within your organization, you can hire a freelance writer or move to a web writing platform that will ensure you publish a high-quality technical document.

Organizing a contest

Contests are also an effective way to collect bulk email addresses. But for this it is important to have a good turnout.

For the organization of the competition to be effective, the first condition of participation must, of course, be the completion of the form. This includes their email address, as well as a checkbox to receive your newsletter.

In order to encourage the Internet user to participate, your contest must be simple and understandable, both in terms of the rules and the manner of participation. Attractive prizes are also the guarantee of strong participation.

Finally, don’t forget to use all your tools to promote your contest and reach as many internet users as possible:

  • on your website;
  • on your blog;
  • on your social networks.

Make people want to subscribe to your newsletter

Registering Internet users for the newsletter remains the simplest way to recover email addresses that have been accepted on your site. But for that to be effective, you have to make the internet user want to sign up for the newsletter.

First of all, your newsletter subscription box should be permanently visible on all pages of your site. This registration box can also appear as a popup when you access the site. For example, the Redacteur.com blog chose these two solutions, by displaying a popup when accessing the site and a box on all pages of the site at the top right.

Once this box is clearly visible, it is necessary to give reasons for subscribing to your newsletter. This can pass through the reduction suggestion in thanks for signing up. Thus, you get a subscriber to your newsletter while encouraging them to place an order on your site.

It is also important to “sell” the benefits of receiving the newsletter, such as being the first to know about news, site promotions, etc.

Simultaneously find out about the centers of interest to your Internet users using the form during registration. It is a qualitative approach that allows you to send targeted information. It is also a way to reassure the Internet user and gain his trust by sending only the information that interests him.

Benefit from your communities

Your communities represent a large number of contacts. Feel free to take advantage of your bad reputation on social networks to encourage fans and followers to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can simply insert a call to action in your registration form on your Facebook page. On Twitter, you can use TwitterCard to generate leads which will allow you to collect email addresses.

Create partnerships for joint registration

Joint registration consists of creating a partnership with one or more other websites that will offer their visitors to receive your offers. This is a particularly effective way to develop awareness of your site and gain new visitors. It effectively allows you to capture their attention even before they reach your site.

In order to collect qualitative email addresses thanks to joint registration, it is important to carefully select your partners according to the centers of interest of visitors, for example. This will help you reach a target audience.

Use your parcel as a means of communication

Feel free to choose the method of applying for asylum, by inserting a coupon inside your parcel to offer your customers the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter. To facilitate their registration, it is advisable to embed the QR code on the voucher that sends the customer directly to the registration page of the site.

Receiving his request is considered a special moment for the customer, especially if he is satisfied with your service. They will be in a good position to sign up for your newsletter.

Think Offline Group

Activate email addresses can also be collected offline, especially for e-merchants with a physical point of sale. You can encourage your customers to leave their email address when checking out.

Also take advantage of your presence at events (trade fairs, trade fairs, sponsorships, etc.) to collect visitors’ email addresses by filling out a form. It will then be incorporated into your email address database.


Collecting activateable email addresses is essential in your web marketing strategy. This allows you to stay in touch with your visitors, but also to increase your sales.

In return, share with us your most effective actions for your email address group by leaving us a comment.

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