▷ 5 tips to increase your online sales through social networks

To develop your business and increase your sales volume, you must be able to sell your products easily. To achieve this, you must bet on a good communication strategy. today, More than 75% of French people use social networks. This means that to reach your goal, you should not neglect this channel. However, opening a social media account is one thing, and using it effectively is another. To help you, we present to you here 5 practical tips to increase your online sales through social networks

To take advantage of all the advantages that social networks provide for e-commerce, You have to know how to attract users. In the end, it is the latter who will buy and recommend your products. To bring them to your side, the first rule is Offer rich and diverse content, interesting content. To this end, we advise you to bet above all on a nice presentation for your account. Type a banner phrase, add emojis, mention the name of the latest version and don’t forget your site link.

Online Marketing Training

If you do not have time to provide diverse content and animate your pages, begging influencers. These already have a good reputation and will help you better present your brand and products TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.. You can also rely on tiktok advertising agency like Neads to increase your conversions and increase your sales. In addition, she has a good mastery of TikTok symbols (duration, transitions, music, etc.), which is a real asset for your e-commerce.

Invest in social media ads

You should also know that organic content no longer offers the same effects that it did a few years ago. from now on, To improve your visibility and increase your sales, you should turn to sponsored content. This means that you will have to pay to promote some of your content. Thus, You will reach your target audience more easily and your sales will take off. On social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn for example, you can take advantage of an interface with multiple targeting options to boost your posts and reach potential customers.

Moreover, you should also Learn how to use social media shopping ads if you want to sell a product. Feel free to seek the expertise of a professional, especially for media like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. With a Snapchat advertising agency, such as Neads, you can score relevant audiences and target users of this network according to their age, location, and interests. Likewise, this agency will provide you with Dynamic Product Ads Useful for uploading your product catalog and automatically creating ads with various associated products.

Set your goal on social networks

To increase your online sales, you don’t have to target everyone. Not only will you be able to reach everyone, but not everyone is interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, it is still necessary Aimed at an audience A selector searches for your content. This will save you from wasting time trying to impress the masses, when you can’t even attract your core customers.

Before you start e-commerce, What you need to do for market research. The latter will allow you to analyze your situation and find out the profile of your potential customers (age, gender, location, marital status, profession, lifestyle, etc.). In this sense, We recommend that you selectDignitaries», fake photos of ideal clients. Depending on the information you have on each profile (biography, goal, motivation, emotions, etc.), you will understand their needs as well as their preferences.

with the target audience, You will be able to adapt your content and aim to improve the user experience. Likewise, this step will help you choose the social networks that best suit your goal and customize your messages.

Prefer social networks that adapt to your activity

Just like your target audience, You should not use all social networks at once. Because by wanting to be everywhere, you will end up being nowhere. We therefore recommend that you think carefully about your choice of social media, considering all factors. The most important thing is your industry and type of business.

Recommended media for BtoB

If you own a company that provides products and services to other companies, you can use networks like:

  • LinkedIn: It is a social network for professionals. You can recruit, share experiences and get more visibility for your publications in the business world. Your customers and prospects will also be able to access your news more easily;
  • Youtube: It will help you create video content (tutorials, product presentations, tips, etc.) to reach your goal. This remains the best way to boost your bad reputation and sales;
  • FB : It offers multiple tools that adapt to companies (advertising campaigns, exchanges with clients, creation of private groups) and are compatible with all social layers. The most used social network in the last year, it will serve you to expand your target audience;
  • Twitter: It is a social network for real-time information, which helps to create viral content and build your reputation. With hashtags, you can customize accounts for following and trends.

BtoC . Social Networks

If you are running a consumer oriented business, You should choose more popular and accessible social networks. In this sense, you can use all the media listed for BtoB companies (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter). But also bet on the following networks:

  • Instagram: Recognized for sharing photos or short videos, it will allow you to significantly increase your sales with the youngest Internet users. It will especially help you to highlight your products and add sales links on images;
  • Pinterest: This network also focuses on the visual, and will, among other things, help you pin products to tables, and then share them on your network. In addition, each image can be clicked and redirected to an external link (original site).

Respect the schedule of posting on the networks

To ensure that you reach your target audience, You need to know when to post content and ads. Therefore, based on your activity and types of products, select a schedule that must be respected. This should include a frequency, schedule, and communication strategy. Here are some examples to guide you:

  • Frequency of posting content: The ideal solution is to post at least 3 times a week to each social network to increase your visibility. On Instagram, you can post content 5-7 times a week. But on Twitter, tweet and retweet the same content multiple times a day. The goal is to be very active;
  • Recommended posting times: Here you need to look for the times when you can get the most exposure. Depending on your target audience, you can prefer shift times (around 8am or 9am and around 6pm) or lunch breaks (before 12pm).

Some Other Helpful Tips To Increase Online Sales

In addition to all the tricks mentioned above, you can also use multiple strategies to Increase your visibility on the Internet and increase your sales. Finally, here are some other tips for the app:

  • Building an authentic and trustworthy brand;
  • alliance with influencers and leaders;
  • Share valuable content more often to improve your bad reputation;
  • Increase your sales with gifts, contests, discounts and free delivery;
  • Ask your customers for videos or letters of testimonials;
  • Use the same hashtags to promote your brand;
  • Create interesting and funny photos and videos to attract new customers;
  • Implement advertising campaigns to increase visibility.

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