▷ Define your presentation!

Do you want to design a sustainable business idea? Work on your presentation! You must be meticulously prepared to convince your audience to set up your company or realize a particular project. Here are some tips to follow for success!

Select the goal of the field

The playing field must adapt to your goal. Before preparing for it, identify your audience in order to choose the terms they are familiar with. Whether it’s made up of professionals or potential clients, take the time to get to know their goals, particularly the market you want to conquer or the products or services they’re interested in.

In addition to defining your goal, take the time to talk about your goal and future collaboration.

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Determine the purpose of your presentation

Since you only have 5 minutes to present your project summary, your presentation should be relevant, concise, clear, smooth and direct. Summarize the goal in a few sentences, specifying whether you want to obtain financing, sell a service or product, or provide a service.

Without having to provide details about your project, make sure your audience wants to know more.

Reveal the truth of the value of the project

Seduce your target by telling your story. Keep it friendly, honest, and direct. You don’t have to be so modest to make your audience doubt the quality of your project. But be careful, too much confidence can scare him too! So it is better to reveal the truth about the true value of your project.

Work on body language

If you are not used to speaking in public, practice in front of loved ones or do some relaxation exercises to feel more comfortable. Body language is essential to impressing your audience. Show it with a smile, be relaxed and show confidence in your project and in yourself.

To practice, feel free to photograph yourself to better correct your gestural errors or practice your voice in front of a mirror.

Pay special attention to your speech

Bet on spontaneity and avoid memorizing the text to get your audience’s attention. From the first seconds, pique his interest by modifying your voice. Don’t speak too loudly or too softly and take the time to articulate well so that your audience understands every word you say. Pause to let him combine your words and make sure your voice doesn’t waver.

Then, after submitting your project, consider all comments and questions from your goal to develop your hook.

Work on the stadium structure

The presentation must follow a well-defined methodology in order to be effective. To prepare it well, ask yourself who and what are we talking to, and to whom? when ? and how?

  • Deal with the problem from the basics that connect the project to your audience;
  • Validate your arguments by presenting your method;
  • Suggest two types of solutions to solve your problem: the first can be complex, while the second one for you turns out to be faster and more efficient;
  • State your arguments for the proposed solution in a way that shows why it is the best. Provide various examples, such as growth and numbers, to support your arguments;
  • Explain the different possible benefits of your future collaboration.

Stand out from your competitors

Avoid imitating your competitors’ presentation. Instead, you should differentiate them by using easy-to-understand terms and phrases. Your interviewer can easily remember your logo if you convey it during the presentation. Compared to your competitors, highlight the benefits you bring in a collaborative framework. Highlight the added value to show your difference and strength.

Present your project effectively


Start by thanking your audience for their welcome, then introduce yourself, mentioning your name, first name, and the reasons for your intervention. Talk about your skills, experience, and role in the project. If you have partners, they must also introduce themselves. Make sure you are well prepared so that everyone is speaking at the right time.

The solution

First present the goal need or start with a story, observation, or problem that you offer a solution to. In addition to summarizing your activity and making yourself understandable, you can grab your interlocutor’s attention while arousing his interest.

Service or product testing

Once you have finished your presentation, invite your audience to try out your service or product. This step is necessary to encourage him to join your project, especially if you are looking for funding. You can provide a diagram or video of your website if it is not yet online or if it is still in the prototype stage.

Steps Taken

Show your audience that you have already taken certain steps to make your project a reality. Provide details of your progress by outlining what you have done and what remains to be done. Thus, you will show your interlocutor that you know exactly what goal you want to achieve. Thus, he will be reassured of your abilities to implement and promote your project.

potential market

Determine the economic benefit to be put into the market for your service or product. For this, feel free to mention the amount of business you can achieve in the near and far future.


Explain the strategy you will put in place to attract your customers. Your method of distribution, your pricing policy, and your means of communication must meet the expectations of your customers.


To have a tangible presentation, prepare it well by defining your goal and defining the goal of your presentation. The most important thing is to highlight the true value of your project while respecting the structure of your intervention and distinguishing you from the competition.

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