How do you create proximity to your community?

in the same principle field community managementInfluencers have every interest in meeting their community, for several reasons listed below.

Influencer Marketing He could still evolve and erase the spots he had, due to influencers who were unscrupulous and greedy for money.

Influencers who create closeness to their community

He borrowed the principle from the stars of the music world for whom Justin Timberlake was an iconic figure on the subject, Proximity created with the masses Or with its community nothing more and nothing less than marketing.

Stars often act this way on the advice of an agent, and for influencers, it’s a safe bet that they take the same path, as long as their actions and gestures are no longer completely free.

Once there is an agent who manages influencers who are among the most popular, they no longer do what they want because the latter is planning a good part of their actions. Some still have a latitude they want to keep, but anyway, Proximity created with its community It still offers many advantages.

You don’t need to be a huge influencer and/or famous Meet your community Thus, he is closer to his fans.

whether Influencer marketing has been around long before social mediaBecause of the bloggers, they were already organizing regular meetings with their audience. Social networks only arrived later to create links, but they were often artificial.

Advantages of creating proximity to your community

Among the commendable merits, one can simply raise the minimum consideration that should be towards those who give the aura of influencers, i.e. the fans and the community. Fans are sometimes very involved with influencers, and it gives them a lot of time.

Work on your sympathy capital

Work on your sympathy capital Important if you want to work on your perceived image and thus bring it closer to the desired image. An influencer can be easily recognized by the community by judging it only by its presence on social media. Is this not the case with the stars in the broad sense despite the many scandals that sometimes stain them? Life on screen or behind the screen in no way reflects the daily life of a star or influencer.

Empathy Capital and Influencer Trust

Meet your community Creating more than closeness, it leads to the consolidation of this capital of empathy, which we hope will become a reality.

Establish a trusting relationship

Have yourself within reach And getting to know others behind the scenes is undoubtedly the best way to establish a relationship of trust, which influencers often seek. To expand its influence, it is necessary Earn the trust of your communityNor shall it be distorted at any cost, at risk of losing everything. The trust will be a real sign of respect for the influencer, who in turn will have to give it back to his community by providing authentic content.

Do we still trust influencers? This is a question that has become a recurring question in influencer marketing fields, but every influencer must answer it. Then the meeting makes it possible to establish this relationship of trust and little by little erase the balance of power that could have interfered.

Create a link within the community

Connection within the community is the link that will be created between community members. If we take for example community management, the community manager interacts with his community and vice versa. Exchange between community members, such as groups or forums, is not brought up because the CM must retain control of its social spaces.

Influencer and community members

By allowing members to get to know each other and discuss IRL together, we are promoting bonding, retention and belonging to the community.

For an influencer, it’s a way Building a strong relationship Among the members under the guise of his personality and influence. The influencer becomes the initiator and thus the members have a real personality Feeling of belonging to the community More real than default.

crane for brand use

The Business Relationships and Influencers You need promotion to increase the reach of campaigns, but also to increase the commitment of community members. There are different ways to achieve this for brands to take advantage of.

By organizing Meetings with many community members, it is quite possible to guarantee promotional sessions for branded products. There are various possibilities such as testing products with an influencer who works for a brand, in order to improve the product and bring it to maturity.

During Final exam by influencerThe latter can be supported and conveyed by the members who participated and thus gather positive opinions that will enhance the influencer’s words. Thus trust will be stronger and members will be considered in the process of improving or even creating a product.

Brand collaborations with influencers and their community

We can also Product preview To a part of society and earn it, or even provide it depending on the nature and value of the product. It is an attractive lever that will encourage some members to interact afterwards on social networks.

If the influencer has a strong role in activating his community and urging him to do so Create PostThere are also procedures for working with brands to improve this last point. You should be able to count on it Influential communityBy mutual agreement, not only it to expand the scope of certain campaigns.

in summary

closeness to creation Between an influencer and their community, it is a simple return to the basic principles of communication, while creating a bond and a relationship that creates a true bond. Multiple actions are possible on the part of the influencer as well as the partner brands in the campaigns to be implemented.

The goal is to improve engagement, influencer trust, and community retention. There is nothing to lose by working on the affinity that will be created with your community.

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