LEGO encourages curiosity about education on the International Day of the Girl

On the occasion of International Day of the Girl, the LEGO Group announced a new campaign to inspire girls’ curiosity about STEAM themes and professions.

As part of the LEGO organization’s ongoing efforts to support educational efforts and support children, their latest contributions have been detailed in time for International Day of the Girl Child.

In the LEGO Creativity Study at the Geena Davis Institute, a statistic shows that 80% of boys are encouraged to code while only 20% of girls are encouraged to do the same. This discovery and others prompted the LEGO Group to launch a new campaign called “Keep Them Curious.”

The online campaign aims to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM through STEAM play activities to inspire parents to continue nurturing girls’ interests with LEGO bricks. Challenges include building a rover, designing a bridge, making a rickshaw, building a tower, and designing a fairground ride.

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